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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Currently Obsessed: July 2013

Every month, I share the items on my wish list in my “Lust List”. As fun as those posts are to do, I’ve been wanting to do something a little more personal to share the things I currently can’t get enough of and hopefully, read about your obsessions as well. While I love that La Dolce Vita has grown to have a very editorial look and feel, I want to get back to the roots of this blog and connect with you all a bit more. Each month, I will share the things I am currently obsessed with and I hope that you’ll share some of your current obsessions in the comments section!image
TV Show(s): I'm late to the party on both of these shows, but better late than never, right? I can't get enough of Arrested Development and Nashville. Arrested Development is acerbic and hilarious in the best way possible while Nashville is another great, juicy drama on ABC. Both are so fun to watch!

Song: "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood- This has been my go-to song all summer. I love, love, love it and the video is beautifully done, too. I love the vintage Mercedes and scenes of my beloved LA.
Instagrammer: @KatieArmour—It’s so fun to keep up with Katie as she captures her New York adventures through her distinctly “Neo-Traditionalist” and “Matchbook” eye. 
Pinterest User:
Sue from The Zhush—She and I have similar taste and I am drawn to just about everything she pins!

Blog: Since being out on my own again, I finally have more time to catch up on my favorite blogs and discover new ones. While catching up on Things That Sparkle the other day, I was introduced to It's the Little Things and I cannot get enough of her hilarious, weekly "Coffee Talk" posts with recaps of that week's reality shows. It reminds me of Scented Glossy Magazines. Do you guys remember her?
Fashion Muse: Miranda Kerr, as evidenced by my last Modern Style Muse post.
image {The Chic Guest Room at Mark’s House via my Instagram Feed}

Inspiring Designer: My blogger bestie and dear friend, Mark Sikes. Mark was sweet enough to invite me to stay at his gorgeous home in Los Angeles last month and while I was there I got to see him in his element and in action in his office. To say I was inspired would be an understatement. He has such an amazing understanding of his own style and such a keen eye. Not to mention, we have a ton of fun together!
image {via Instagram}

Bag: I never expected to be spending so much time in my car now that I am focusing on interior design full time. Because I am always on the go and need to carry all of the tools of the trade with me, I am loving my monogrammed Gigi New York Teddy Tote. I kind of want one in black, too.
via Instagram
Color: Indigo—my obsession continues!
Inspiring Quote: From Rachel Zoe Vice President, Mandana Dayani regarding the biggest career mistake women can make: "Entitlement. I find it abhorrent when anyone declares an expectation of something they haven't earned. If you want something, earn it. It just feels so much better when you achieve it." – A powerful reminder indeed. Pride comes before the fall. Stay humble, people.
Drink du Jour: Iced Unsweetened Tazo Zen Green Tea
 image {Revenge Wears Prada, this month’s House Beautiful, and a trio of Cinco Powell Tassels were part of last week’s mail call. | via Instagram}

Book: I recently started reading Revenge Wears Prada. So far, I am enjoying it, but I can't stop picturing Anne Hathaway with her new blonde 'do which is so not Andy Sachs.

Guilty Pleasure: The Real Housewives-- This month, it happens to be Orange County and New Jersey.

Triumph: Booking a really big, exciting interior design project! I can't wait to share some sneak peeks with you guys.

Bane of Existence: This awful heat. I can't wait for my favorite season to begin-- fall!

Blessing: I feel so blessed to get to do what I love for a living. My path inevitably lead me to interior design and on some level, I always knew that it would. I am so thankful for the amazing clients I've worked with and am currently working with. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done between my blog and design work, but I wake up each day super excited to do it all again. I am loving every minute.
Go-To Outfit: Cropped Black Skinny Trousers and J. Crew Popover Shirts with my Cork Jack Rogers Sandals and some of my signature jewelry-- rings and bracelets from A Bientot.
image  {via Instagram}
Favorite Accessory: My Loren Hope Farrah Tassel Necklace-- I am beyond obsessed with it. I wanted to get a second one in a different color, but it is no longer on the website. I am so sad about this!
{Piccadilly Square in London}
Trips being Planned: Hopefully, we'll be taking a trip to London soon in celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary. We haven't been since 2009 and I am dying to go back!

So, what are you currently obsessed with?


Sarah said...

I'm currently obsessed with...your blog! It's my favorite read of the day. I'm new to the blogging scene but have felt totally inspired by your blog. I'm not one to comment usually, but just wanted to give you some love! :)

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I adore that necklace!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing all the bloggers and pinners - I love discovering new people & new inspirations! I agree with you on the baine of existence and guilty pleasures!!

XO, Stefanie
Life on the Squares

Mar said...

Such a great post, full of inspiration!

Capella Kincheloe said...

Great post, what a wonderful peek into your world right now.

Unknown said...

I love this post!! Might have to create one of my own. So fun to see what's been on your mind lately!

Unknown said...

Totally with you on the Real Housewives! Love the drama!

ohmybeautifullife said...

Love this post, and of course the whole blog. But this is like reading a newspaper for me - getting to know what is going on :-). Thank you for sharing your favourites! And, please, continue writing and doing your designer work, I love all the interior stuff :-)

Unknown said...

So glad you're getting into Nashville! Freaking love that show -- I can't wait for it to return this fall.


Sarah Sarna said...

I love that you're taking us back to your roots and sharing more of what's going on with you personally. I like!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

LOVE your blog and LOVE this post!

Anonymous said...

I guess my new obsession is your new post about your obsessions! So fun and personal. I am really enjoying your blog lately. It feels very authentic and fun! A lot of my daily reads are starting to feel like advertisements... I am so not obsessed with that:(

Unknown said...

@Anon 11:12 am

Thank you so much! I am glad that LDV comes across that way.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the post! I will definitely continue the series each month. I loved hearing about what you are obsessed with as well! XO