Monday, September 29, 2008

Feeling Crafty?


A couple of Eddie Ross' Postcard Projects

I recently came across a few projects that I've been inspired to try. They are lovely, inexpensive ways to package gifts for your friends this holiday season.

postcard paper

Eddie Ross featured a few of his do-it-yourself projects on the Martha Stewart show recently. He showed how vintage postcards can be enlarged on a color copier and then used to wrap tin cans and turn them into pretty vases as well as gift wrap.

wrapping paper

These gifts look beautiful dressed in wrapping paper made from vintage postcards.

earring magnets

I love this project and can't believe that it hasn't dawned on me to do this sooner! Eddie took some vintage earrings and turned them into pretty magnets by hot gluing a magnet onto the back. How simple is that? I think the earring magnets would make such a lovely gift.

design sponge can

This project comes from Design*Sponge. It's simply a recovered paint can. You can find these paint cans at the hardware store for about $4 or $5. Then, take some pretty, graphic paper (or whatever pattern your prefer) and cover the can with it. Finish by trimming with ribbon. These dressed up containers would make great containers for gifts and can then be reincarnated as vases, catch-alls, or pencil holders afterwards.

Images via Eddie Ross' Blog and Design*Sponge


Unknown said...

Love the paint can project!

Pigtown*Design said...

the man is amazing!

Sarah Ring said...

As a vintage clip on earring collector - of course, I am loving those magnets! What a great gift with some personalized stationary!

Lauren said...

I'm not going to lie I have a biiig crafty side. I go through phases...his blog just makes me want to go crazy with the projects, I LOVE it!