Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet the Team!

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While working from home for the past three years up until this past August, I always put in long hours to meet the demands of my various ventures: blogging, freelance writing, High Gloss magazine, and so on. However, while I’ve discovered that I love being back in a traditional workplace full time, working all of those hours outside of my home and for someone else means that I don’t have the flexibility in my schedule that I used to. I love my blog and thank my lucky stars every day for all of the amazing opportunities that have come my way as a result of La Dolce Vita. I also feel extremely fortunate to have so many wonderful, supportive, and downright stylish readers. Lately, there have been weeks in which I’ve been stretched a bit thin at work and I never want my work demands to impact the content that I publish on LDV. I don’t want to publish watered down posts or disappear for weeks at a time.

I recently reached out to a handful of my favorite bloggers, most of whom you’ve seen guest blog on LDV before, and asked if they would be open to joining the LDV team as regular contributors. I am super excited to welcome these lovely ladies and the chic and helpful columns they will pen for La Dolce Vita. Each contributor will post a couple times a month, so there will be plenty of new, exciting content to look forward to in addition to the regular series and topics that I currently blog about.


contributors ldv


contributor erika

Erika Brechtel is a wife, mommy and brand stylist. She designs logos, websites and print pieces for stylish clients. In between it all, she finds time to blog about her latest obsessions in fashion, art and interior design. Erika will be writing a fun and insightful column, “Design Under the Influence”. No, it’s not about drunk designing, but rather how certain design styles and movements throughout history have inspired modern designers. Think of it as a very chic take on art history!



contributor lauren

Lauren Friedrichs is a Houston native who is on a constant quest for the perfect margarita, an affordable way to clone her dog, and to integrate style in every nook and cranny of her life. Lauren will be writing a series titled “Anatomy of a Home”, highlighting the touches that make each room within the home special.


contributor vanessa

Vanessa Stern is a Los Angeles-based Creative Recruiter by day, Design Junkie by night, Artist, Decorator, new Mommy with an obsession for tufting, Louis style chairs, and anything gold. A girl after my own heart, Vanessa’s series, “Glamour Obsession” will explore all things glamorous: interiors, fashion, people, and places.


contributor arianna

Arianna Vargas is a SoCal girl with a weakness for beautiful fabric, stylish storage, and fresh blooms. Arianna will be bringing La Dolce Vita readers a stylish perspective on chic organization ideas for the home.


contributor rebecca

Rebecca Cohenour has a “classic with a twist” aesthetic and a penchant for pink peonies, the fashion featured on Gossip Girl, Lollia Tea Leaves & Honey candle, and sophisticated pieces with feminine detailing. Rebecca will be writing “The Luxe Report” which will focus on luxury trends, ideas, and happenings within the worlds of interior design and fashion.


I am thrilled to have these smart, stylish, fabulous women on the La Dolce Vita team and hope that you enjoy the amazing posts they are preparing. This week, we’ll kick things off with posts from Erika and Rebecca on Wednesday and Thursday!


Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I know how you feel. I work a full time job as well and I don't have that flexibility from working at home. Sometimes I am exhausted when I come home from work and the last thing I want to do is write a blog post. I would rather be blogging all day tho ;) I love all of your contributors, I am big fans of their blogs.

designstiles said...

So happy to see two of my blogging buddies on the list. Looks like a great team.

designchic said...

What a wonderful group of contributors...can hardly wait to start reading!!

marisol ~ No.1524 said...

amazing news! I can't wait to read the posts and make my mornings inspired....

Chelsea said...

Love these ladies...Can't wait for the goodness to commence! xo