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Dream Home: GADABOUT

Hanna Seabrook is the talented graphic designer and illustrator behind the wildly chic, GADABOUT. You may know her from her graphic design work or from the beautiful stationery she designs. Perhaps you already visit GADABOUT’s Tumblr page for visual inspiration. Whether you’re already acquainted with Hanna’s work or not, chances are, you are going to love her “Dream Home”. Enjoy!


When asked to assemble your dream home, I feel quite certain any designer would of felt the same initial ease as I did when given the task. Having dragged and dropped interesting interiors, lust-worthy living rooms, and way awesome wallpapers into a folder for years, you would think my collection would be entirely tailored to me.

"This will be a piece of cake" I thought.. "I just found the perfect living room yesterday."

So I sat down, opened my computer and begin to flip through...

Picture one... "oh, love it."

Picture two... "killer"

Picture three..."def going using this."

Picture four... "dream kitchen for sure!"

"wait... weren’t all of those photos of kitchens?"

I am sure you can imagine the answer. Yes, yes they were. And each photo was likable for a myriad of different reasons. This was going to be harder than I thought.

I realize now how literally I must have been taking my company definition because my collection of photos seemed pretty aimless when I started. But after the sifting and sorting, a home began to emerge that still has me smiling. Laid out for you to see, the result is familiar and foreign, eclectic and classic...a true blend of what I love. If lucky enough to live here, I would imagine us quick to find enjoyment and eager to entertain. The house would be filled with sound and the kitchen would always smell like breakfast. My kids would have as many antiques in their rooms as I had in mine and we would always have a house guest. In short, I would never want to leave.


I fell in love with the exterior of this home because it spoke to my roots and wings. Born and raised in the south, my attraction to land and long driveways was inevitable. But while I love southern homes, my time spent in the northeast made me fall for the Gambrel roof and dutch architecture. The simple landscaping is unassuming and I imagine you would feel just as comfortable entering from the front as you would from the back.

I have always gravitated toward entryways that felt bright and inviting. Soft colors, clean lines, and lots of natural light do just that. Warm and happy, all you would need are a few interesting accents and pretty pieces of furniture.


1. Elle Decor


I have always loved homes that allow for both a living room and a den. While both need to be inviting, a living room gives you the opportunity to use daintier furniture and prettier things. I loved the contrast of the feminine rug and leather sofa and will do most anything for Greek key and orient-inspired metal work. The soft and bold color contrast make everything a bit more interesting and keep the formal aspects of the room from feeling fussy.


1. Lauren Gold | 2. Lonny Magazine 3. Lonny Magazine


Hallways, foyers, and staircases get so much action that most people just buzz by without noticing little details. I love how these architectural elements hold your attention all on their own. The molding is heavy and sophisticated, and the tile and woodwork cast a beautiful light on their respective rooms.


The den is the room where your family nests. It the easiest room to hold conversation, feel comfortable, and pack full of things. There is never too much seating and art is abundant. Pictures from school, weddings, and birthdays are on every table. Your great grandmothers clock sits on the mantle. This is the space where you get to design around your life so pick colors that are warm, rich and glow in the fire light. It will only make you look better.


1. Kate Spade Living Room 2. Lonny Magazine


Powder rooms have always fascinated me for some reason. I always envision girls lounging on sofas, putting on lipstick, and gossiping in front of gilded mirrors. So because of the incredible, and sometimes incredulous conversation that will undoubtedly go on behind these doors during my cocktail parties, I wanted to make it as secretive as possible. This door is set perfectly in this hallway and when opened, reveals opulence. The Parisian color scheme and fall-over cool zodiac ceiling are killer, and I adore the tile work in the picture far right. Circa lighting makes the best light fixtures and this one would complete any room.


1. Circa Lighting


This sitting room is near perfect and serves no other purpose but to display the "I’ve started saving for it now" goal of de Gournay. Hand-painted perfection.


1. Lonny Magazine | John Loecke


I first saw this picture in Trad Home magazine and nearly lost it. Having grown up in a home with a very formal dining room, I jumped at the thought of something different. Though creeping on casual, there is a richness to the room that would allow you to serve any meal on any china.

1. Trad Home Magazine


My kitchen needs to look just as good messy as it does clean. I feel like this kitchen can handle the lived in look as well as the Lysoled. The white is calming, the tile work will stand the test of time, and the breakfast nook would most certainly be fought over. If nothing else, the triple window effect would be just as eye opening as your 3rd cup of coffee.


If I was lucky enough to have two guest rooms, this would be my pick for the formal one. Miles Redd can do no wrong in my eyes. A fur throw always adds a bit of luxury and the bed canopy is so regal.


1. Miles Redd


I have yet to decide if I want light or dark walls for my bedroom. While the decor is all hammered out - white linens - feminine furniture - family knickknacks - numerous dog-earred books - I am still pondering the paint. My husband and I just painted our first bedroom the same deep grey blue in the top left and everything looks so lovely when all the lamps are on!


Closets and bathrooms really feel like rooms to lounge in in my dream home. I would love to bring some bolder colors into the picture. A fun green, blue, or maybe even my signature orange would guide me toward my garb! Wallpaper in the bathroom is a must! Of course my husband would get his own closet, but having picked the rest of the house, I thought it only fair he get a few square feet to choose for himself ;)


2. Miles Redd | Danielle Rollins, Client


The larger photo truly is my dream office. I don’t need much more than the pop of orange, astrological map, and zebra rug. I love the organized clutter of the first picture and collect pierced silver pieces to hold my pens and paperclips!


1. Lonny Magazine 2. Lauren Gold | Lonny Magazine 3. Mary McDonald


My mother has always been a collector of antiques, giving my room a bit of an "adult" look since I was very young. Of course legos and and light-up toys will be mixed in, but I would love to create the same timeless charm in my children's rooms as she did.


A proper guest house would be glorious, wouldn't you think? Well how about one that was a bit more welcoming? I love the idea of giving guests a place where they are not afraid to get cozy, grab a book from the shelf, or get their own glass of water.


If I am going to push the envelope, I might as well include a pool!


Given it's my dream house and I currently have it on hold until I am mature enough to move in, I wanted to show you a snippet of what October will look like once I am all settled in!

This was just too much fun!! Thank you, Paloma!

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Number Four Eleven said...

Amazing roundup, really well done!

LindsB said...

that would be one beautiful home!! Love these all together!

Jessica Amento said...

What a fabulous dream home—OBSESSED with the astrological ceiling detail in the powder room.

Tobe | BIA said...

beautiful! definitely one of my favorite dream home features so to check out her tumblr!

Vanessa Stern said...

Love all of it Hanna!

travelkate said...

Such beautiful choices! A definite dream home!!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Love your choices.... especially as they relate to HOW you want to live.... comfortable, entertaining, a focus on family, not too uptight... thanks for sharing!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I love your dream home. It really is a fun exercise. I have done it once but if I did it again today some of my choices would be different.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

I really love the zodiac ceiling details. That was rather neat.

820am said...

gorgeous pictures and such a good read. hanna is a very good writer! i felt like i was there with her as she described the hows and whens and whys of each room! gr8 post paloma! xo, annette