Monday, October 3, 2011

Country Chic


Some of the most inspiring interior design work I have come across lately seems to be from international designers like David Collins, Lázaro Rosa Violán, Michele Bonan, and most recently, Juan Carretero. The Mexican born-Carretero is now based in New York. I was introduced to his design work through a restaurant project he designed in Mexico City. Country Bistro has won several hospitality design awards and it’s easy to see why. The space is meant to evoke the casual chic vibe of The Hamptons while the menu has a distinct French accent. Country Bistro’s proprietor, Sergio Berger wanted the space to evoke the feeling of a grand country house and includes an entrance hall, library, dining room, kitchen, and veranda along with a garden. The space includes lush greenery, to-die-for, painted, reclaimed Cuban tiles, wood beams, and modern textiles in hues of purple and grey.

It seems that Mexico City has a thriving art and design scene and this restaurant makes me want to visit the largest city in the world that much more. I am seriously having an “I want to go to there” moment a la Liz Lemon in 30 Rock. If only this place was in Houston so that I could have my 30th birthday party there! How fabulous would that be?

{The Fabulous Entrance Hall at Country Bistro}

{A Peek into one of Four Private Dining Cabanas}


{The Reception Area}

{The Main Dining Room, Also Known as “The Pantry”}


{Dining on the Veranda}

{A Look at the Fountain in the Grand Entrance}


{Another Dining Area}

{The lantern sconces used throughout the space are fabulous!}

{Notice the Gorgeous, Reclaimed Cuban Floor Tiles}


{Isn’t this restaurant stunning?}

For most of my life, my Mexican family has been against visiting Mexico City for its high crime rate, though now it seems I would be safer visiting Mexico City than my family’s hometown of Monterrey as all of the terrible drug cartel violence has taken hold of the North. Have any of you visited Mexico City recently? I’ve heard such wonderful things about the culture and design scene and have been dying to go, but haven’t summoned the courage. I must say that seeing places like this amazing restaurant make it very, very tempting to plan a trip to Mexico City!


{Images Courtesy of Juan Carretero}


Neda said...

Wow, I love the details of this restaurant!! Just gorgeous.

cacao said...

I'm a mexican, living in Spain. I'm from Mexico City and I was there the past 2 months.

As you said, it's more dangerous visiting Monterrey than the City Center.

Mexico City is more than violence (as you said) and if you go to te right places, at the right time with people, is safe.

Yes, with more or less precautions but as anywhere else.

Me, have been robbed twice in Barcelona and no one in Mexico.

Dare to go, you will be suprised!


Jennelise said...

Beautiful! So many unique designs!

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

I never thought "country" and "chic" could go together, but these designers show it is possible! Such a great post!

alison@MLHP said...

Incredible! I would feel beyond chic dining there!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

How beautiful! I love the peacock wicker chair and the floor in the bar is stunning!


Cove and Grey said...

WOW!! It's so beautiful!

Karlita said...

gorgeous interiors! my friends have been going recently and they have loved it! I was there like 3 years ago and loved it.. it all depends on the zone where you stay i think.. I have plans to go next June with some other couples!

My House, My Garden said...

Hi Paloma,
We just purchased and renovated a home in San Jose del Cabo last year. The design scene and art scene there is amazing.
There is so much architectural talent there, it just amazes me.
We feel very safe there and take our entire family each time we go. Of course, this is not a border town.
If you want to see our renovation, here it is:
Although we go there quite often, we also rent it out as a vacation rental. We have it booked the rest of the year, so I guess people still feel safe here. Thank God!
Vikki :)

Anonymous said...

The place is amazing Paloma! I have got to go there ASAP. Next week I have a bussiness trip to D.F. so I'll go for a wonderfull dinner there, thank you for sharing.

I go to Mexico City quite often. Last week I was there by myself. I stayed at a hotel right in front of The "Monumento a la Revolución" in Reforma. Walk around by myself all the time and felt very safe. As the other girl living in Spain said, you just have to now where to move around.

Good luck!
Gaby from San Miguel de Allende

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Amazing! I don't think I've every seen such a beautiful and inviting restaurant. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is why I read blogs! Thanks for sharing something amazing I would've never known about otherwise!
I went to the "D.F." a few years ago and never felt unsafe. Granted I was with my Mexican friend from college who knew her way around but I think it holds true for any big city: know the places to go and the places NOT to go. I definitely recommend it!! Try the silver market and the Anthropology Museum.

Ivy Clad said...

This is country done right! Beautiful post!

Lori said...

We just went in July and it was awesome. Stayed in Polanco, took organized tours to leave the city proper and felt very safe. It is a beautiful, green, vibrant city that holds basically all the cultural wealth of the country. So worth it!

Anonymous said...

goodness, you're originally from Mexico, and believe all the bad hype? I have visited Mexico D.F. many times, as well as many other parts of Mexico, altho I will admit, not near the border. I always felt very safe there...much more than in downtown Atlanta, my home town. Use your head, just as when visiting anywhere. Same advice goes...don't flaunt money, don't catch a yellow cab immediately after withdrawing money from ATM, don't wear all your diamonds..common sense. Mexico is a wonderful destination, so underated by Americans...but that's good for those of us who love it. Less ugly Americans.

Anonymous said...

by the way, maybe I know Gaby from San Miguel? If she's the Gaby I'm thinking of, think she helped me a few years back, in getting my purchases back to Atlanta...We met her thru the folks at our B&B, Casa Luna..a wonderful place to stay, and San Miguel is a super destination in Mexico...please keep it quiet, tho...already too many "ugly americans". Gayle Jolluck

Looking Glass said...

Unbelievably beautiful! This is being filed in my travel folder of places to go. Mexico is high in my list.

~ Clare x