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Monday, March 17, 2014

Michael Bruno's Chic Home in the Hamptons

There is no doubt that Michael Bruno, founder of 1stdibs, a site I, along with every other design-obsessed person I know visit often, is tremendously stylish. Just think of the access he has to some of the most amazing furnishings in the world! So, it came as no surprise that his home in the Hamptons would be as chic as it is. 

The house, designed by Windsor Smith was recently featured in British House & Garden. Never having worked with a designer before, Michael says, "whenever I've done a house in the past, I've simply painted all the walls white and the floors black to create a gallery-like effect. This is a truly designed house, down to the right window coverings, upholstery, and even linens. It's taken the comfort to a new level." The result is polished, beautifully layered, and reflective of Michael's taste and experiences by providing an ideal environment for displaying his collections. 

{When Windsor first proposed they hang a sculling boat from the ceiling in the drawing room, Michael thought she was crazy, but he trusted his designer and ended up loving the result which emphasizes the height of the ceiling in the room.}

{An alternate view of the room reveals a pair of stylish, gilded bookshelves designed by Windsor Smith. They are one of my favorite things in the house.}

{The kitchen, dressed in gray and white, features a hanging pendant from the 1920s, found by Michael in a Parisian flea market.}

{The master bedroom embodies a modern, beachy vibe, perfect for the Hamptons. The bedroom, like all of the rooms in the house, features an expertly-curated mix of modern and vintage items.}

{The guest bedroom features an eclectic mix of items including a French day bed from the nineteenth century and Napoleon armchair.}

{The beautiful pool area is dotted with rows of lavender.}

{One of the first things Michael did after purchasing the home was to have the exterior updated with classic New England shingles. It's apparent that his love of stylish, vintage items extends past furnishings and into cars. Just take a look at the beautiful, vintage navy Mercedes-Benz convertible!}

{Image Source: House & Garden, Courtesy of Windsor Smith}


Laurel said...

This space is insanely cool! Love!!!!

Emma said...

What a gorgeous home! I liked seeing Michael Bruno at Design Bloggers Conference and I think someone mentioned his home, so it's fun to see what was being talked about! That pool area is incredible and a good friendly reminder that, yes, warm weather is actually coming.

BreakfastWithKateMoss said...

Love this post - great find, Paloma!! Those Windsor Smith bookshelves are to die for. xx