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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Los Angeles Dream House

DISC INTERIORS {This house had me at hello. How chic is this entrance?}

If you’ve been reading La Dolce Vita long enough, chances are you know how much I love Los Angeles. Over the years, it has become my home away from home; my veritable happy place which is funny because the first time I was there I hated it. Over time, the city seduced me and I became besotted with its unique light, beautiful homes, laidback yet chic sensibility, and the fact that it is an epicenter for design and creativity. I dream of living in L.A. someday and when that day comes, I’d love to live in a beautiful home such as this magical 1940s colonial bungalow. Most people associate Spanish, mid-century modern, and craftsman-style architecture with Los Angeles and while it is a Mecca for those types of architecture, my favorite is the classic neoclassical meets Georgian architecture that can be found throughout the city from Los Feliz all the way west to Brentwood.

This particular home is a classic colonial bungalow built in the 1940s in central L.A.’s Miracle Mile neighborhood. Designed by DISC Interiors, the design honors the original architecture of the house, but plays into a masculine, mid-century-inspired vibe. The juxtaposition in such a traditional house works quite well. I love that the palette is fairly neutral with a few pops of color by way of upholstery and textiles as well as saturated paint colors in the dining room and master bedroom. I’d love to know two things. First, who owns this gorgeous house and second, is it for sale?

DISC INTERIORS2 {The handsome living room faces out to the garden.}


{I am mad about the mix of traditional elements and art with the sculptural brass sconces.}


{This vignette in the living room peeks out onto the dream worthy entrance.}


{I adore the juxtaposition of the glamorous crystal chandelier with the more modern, masculine elements of the Saarinen Tulip Table and leather dining chairs. The room is perfectly framed by the French doors. I have a similar brown paint in my house and just bought a Tulip Table for my breakfast room, so this is totally resonating with me.}


{The breakfast nook is a bit more relaxed, but no less stylish.}


{I’m curious as to how many bedrooms there are in this stunning house since only the master bedroom was photographed. Have you noticed the great art throughout the home? The flat black walls offer maximum visual impact against the colorful textiles within the room and the beautiful garden just beyond the windows.}


{The hardware on this dresser is fantastic. The rope-wrapped table lamp is by Thomas O’Brien available through Circa Lighting.}


{The house is just as fabulous outside! I love the trees, hedges, and this dining area featuring white Bertoia chairs.}

Snip20140320_113        {Since this is my dream house, I’d love to assume that this door leads to a separate guest house that I could use as my design studio. What could be better than a poolside office in beautiful, temperate L.A.?}

Where is your happy place? Where do you dream of living some day?


{Images via DISC Interiors}


Amanda Landry said...

What a house! The outdoor areas are especially beautiful.

Han @ Brooklyn DIY Designs said...

beautiful house, although it's the outside space that i am more in love with!

Emma said...

I love that entrance. It makes me think of Harry Potter for some reason.

I agree with you on the mix of the pretty crystal chandelier and the Saarinen table. Love it! Great combination.

We all definitely have dream places we want to live and in my case, I think it's one of the fancy (and pricey) brownstone-type places in Boston's Back Bay or Beacon Hill.


What a stunning entrance! They did a wonderful job maintaing the character and integrity of the home interior as well. Fantastic windows and natural light too. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

This is so stunning, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Simply stunning especially the outdoor areas.

Ashford Carpet Cleaners said...

This house is totally gorgeous! Love the master bedroom with the black walls. And the outdoor areas are simply adorable!

Lindsay Cowles said...

Love this! I used to walk by that beautiful fence when I would walk my dog. I always wondered what was behind it. What a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing!

Huff Harrington said...

Ooooh, lusting after that dining room!

Unknown said...

Hi Paloma
We hope your LA house dreams come true!! It is such an inspiring city....and the gardens are spectacular. xoxo Terri

Tammie Burton said...

Poolside design studio?!! I love the way you think! It would be perfection. Hope your dream comes true...and then I'm coming over for lunch!

Jess said...

Beautiful, indeed! The owners and more info is included in this Domaine post:

Unknown said...

Jess, thank you so much for the link! I hadn't seen that feature and am glad to see they had a few additional images.

Maryanne White said...

In love with that entry!. So simple, understated and yet chic.