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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chic Combinations: Grey and Yellow

Hello everyone! Arianna here, back with some more color inspiration. Today I'm featuring the combination of grey and yellow, which though not too long ago was considered "trendy", I still love. The two colors are a perfect complement to each other and can help create sophisticated decor. While grey is a very elegant neutral, on it's own it can be a little boring, so accenting it with cheery yellow, adds a happy balancing energy. The spaces below are beautiful examples:
Chic Combo: Grey & Yellow // Arianna Belle for LDV Bring these colors into your own home with these pieces:

image sources: 1 - design by will wick, 2 - design by steven gambrel, 3 - abby larson's dining room as featured in domino, 4 - design by mary mcdonald, 5 - design by steven gambrel


Heidi said...

Grey and yellow is one of my all time favorite color combinations! I know the whole "white-black-yellow" combination was really popular a few years ago, but I'm still smitten with the whole scheme.

Lily L-M said...

This is such a unique color combo -- I never would have thought of it myself but it looks so good in the photos you shared :)

xo Lily

Huff Harrington said...

So chic and so elegant....

Unknown said...

Definitely had to pin a few of these to my Pinterest board <3 :)

Maggie A