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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jet Set: Sixty Soho designed by Thomas O'Brien

Hello LDV readers! Brendan here of B.A.D | Blog About Design. New York is one of the best cities in the world. It's a place full of fantastic restaurants, beautiful hotels, impeccable fashion, and places to explore! Sixty Soho, located in New York's Soho is the place to go to experience the city's quintessential style. The boutique hotel features a cool modern design that pays some tribute to 60s glamour. (ABOVE) The front of the hotel is not very striking architecturally, but it's well lit and has a presence. The magic happens when you step inside. 1
(1) The lobby is one of my favorite spaces in the hotel. The hotel was designed by renowned designer Thomas O'Brien. I like how the contrast between the dark furnishings and the lighter painted walls. I find the space to be very well utilized. Seating by the columns and lots of it. 2
(2) The Thom Bar located on the second floor is the place to go to enjoy a drink (or two). I like the dark, sexy design of the bar. I find the plaid armchairs to be a unique contrast in such a dark serious space. My favorite piece in this space is the large flower on the bar. 3
(3) The Kittiachi restaurant features an outdoor patio. I love all the wood that is used in this space. At the Kittiachi restaurant you can enjoy five star Thai cuisine. 4
(4) There are many different types of suites that one can choose from at Sixty Soho. The Thompson suite features a large living area and upstairs loft. The design of the Thompson suite is minimal, it's the perfect place to rest your eyes in after a busy day in NYC. 5
(5) The King Deluxe suite follows a similar design as the Thompson suite. Have you been to Sixty Soho? 

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Lexi said...

Those retro Kate Spade sunglasses are adorable!
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.