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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Ultimate Studio Space

jay jeffers

The San Francisco studio of Jay Jeffers Design Group is one of the chicest work spaces I have ever laid my eyes on. The expansive 3,800 square foot office is housed in what appears to have been an industrial space at one point. Through his design prowess, Jeffers has taken what was once a cold space with cinderblock walls and concrete floors and transformed it into a glamorous, swank workspace. Bathed in hues of orange, coral, and camel, the office is both functional and inspiring.

jay jeffers2

{Anyone who has read La Dolce Vita for a while knows of my undying love for David Hicks’ iconic La Fiorentina fabric. To see a room enveloped in the fabric is beyond amazing. How beautiful are these drapery treatments? They have the camel La Fiorentina on one side and are lined in a beautiful coral fabric on the other. The effect is so stunning. I also love the antique columns framing the painting in the background.}

jay jeffers3

{This space is extremely organized while remaining inspiring and beautiful. This is the perfect place for the designers at the firm to source products from various catalogs and review plans with clients.}

jay jeffers4

{There are so many wonderful details in this image—from the tufted sofa and chairs to the antique door that now serves as art. I really love the coral chairs.}


{Who doesn’t love an office that can seamlessly transform from work space to party space? The chandeliers and drapes add so much drama to the space, which I love.}

jay jeffers5

{Naturally, Jay has a private office. Notice the beautiful Greek key trimmed skirt on the base of his otherwise masculine desk. I also spy a dog bed!}


{Images by Drew Altizar via Jay Jeffers Design Group}


agnes szucs said...

oh, i'm forever longing for a studio! i adore the third and fourth images the most... mine would be messier tho... :P


Dawna Jones Design said...

OMG! What a dream it would be to work in a space like that! My favorite is those curtains are you kidding me! The drama. Thats what I love about a rough space,creating some feminine qualitys to pull it all together!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

Jay Jeffers is so amazing! He's on a short list of designers I want to contact in SF someday (whenever we eventually buy a place here). The rest of his portfolio is so fun too!


I've seen this space before and it sure is FAB. It definitely feels nice and warm although it's in an industrial setting:)