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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Room Friday 07.20.12: An LDV Exclusive

{I am in love with the lambswool-covered nickel stools Sally used in her living room. Aren’t they chic? I also love the soft, feminine palette she has used this time around. The space is so beautiful and soothing.}
Much to my delight, my fabulously talented friend, Sally Wheat is always changing up the décor in her gorgeous home. It love it when she sends me new photos of a newly redecorated space in her house because it means fresh eye candy for me—and for you! In the time that I’ve known Sally, she has probably changed up her formal living room more than any other room in her home. It’s gone from Belgian-inspired, to bold and eclectic and in this most recent incarnation, feminine and glamorous. This may just be my favorite look to date!
008-LAURIE PEREZ.COM-120712-15-1962596850-O[1]
{The room is filled with lovely details with a modern edge that work so well with the soft, pastel color palette as they keep the room from looking overly feminine.}
013-LAURIE PEREZ.COM-120712-15-1962600086-O[1]
{I love these glass candlesticks.}
011-LAURIE PEREZ.COM-120712-15-1962598521-O[1]
{Sally has chosen several gold accents, like the Harry Allen Piggy Bank and gilded lamp throughout the space which add some warmth to the otherwise cool color palette.}
012-LAURIE PEREZ.COM-120712-15-1962599720-O[1]
{A Striking Abstract Painting comingles with a Vintage Chair and Gilded Wheat Sheaf Table}

sally wheat living room 1
{Version No. 1: This is what Sally’s living room looked like when I first met her back in 2008. It was a mix of Belgian and eclectic pieces.}
sally wheat living room 2
{Version No. 2: I took this blurry photo with my iPhone at Sally’s Christmas party in 2009. She kept the Imperial Trellis-covered chairs and added a fabulous pair of shagreen tables along with some Chenonceau pillows.}sally wheat living room 3
{Version No. 3: I am still crazy about this incarnation of Sally’s living room. It’s bold, hip, and glamorous, filled with striking artwork, interesting lighting, an amazing mirrored coffee table, and a pair of vintage chairs upholstered in my beloved La Fiorentina by David Hicks.}
{Version No. 4: Sally kept the mirrored coffee table and loveseat she had previously reupholstered in gray velvet between versions 2 and 3, adding so many lovely items this time around. Notice the gorgeous end tables on either side of the sofa. The leopard pillow is the perfect finishing touch for the space.}
Isn’t it fun to see how Sally’s home and her style have evolved over the years? Which version of her living room is your favorite? I always find her work so inspiring. I think I will be plotting how to redecorate my home all weekend. Happy Friday!
If you love Sally’s style as much as I do and are planning to be in Houston anytime soon, be sure to visit her booth at Memorial Antiques and Interiors.
{Image Credit: Laurie Perez for Sally Wheat Interiors}


Laura Trevey said...

I love those lambswool-covered nickel stools, wow!!!

Have a fabulous weekend Paloma :)

Jennifer Eastman said...

I love the mirrored coffee table and those stools are so fun! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing this room, especially all the transitions its undergone.


Hello, the house is really beautiful, I loved your post! ... When power, make a visit to my blog! Kisses

Anne said...

The color palette is incredible! I love the rosy tones mixed with creams and grey. Beautiful!


The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I love all her looks- but my favorite is the current one, as well! I adore MAI and will have to go check out her booth specifically. XOXO, Sam

Dawna Jones Design said...

The last one is my favorite the stools and the accessories do it for me!
In the second one though I love her choice of artwork,what does she do though with all the pieces that she's not using?

Unknown said...

Dawna, Sally usually repurposes pieces she's no longer using or she sells them at her booth at Memorial Antiques & Interiors in Houston.

Soltantouno said...

Visit my blog and participate in my giveaway!!!
Thanks a lot!! nice day!!

Jennifer @ Marcali Designs said...

I love seeing the evolution of the room! What a great room to start off this Friday!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

A friend has something similar to the lambskin covered stools, but hers are more fur/hair looking - they are unreal! I would love to have something like that but of course id need a BIGGER livingroom!

Things That Inspire said...

I agree, I think this is my favorite living room set up yet!

Please tell us the artist of the beautiful painting in the living room - it is wonderful!

- Holly

alison giese Interiors said...

I think she's absolutely brilliant, and if I ever saw her, I'd be like some kind of star-stalker - all nervous to say Hello (promise I'm harmless, Sally!)
I remember loving the 1st version, was wowed by the second, and perfectly adore this latest incarnation.
Always happy to see anything new from Chez Sally!

Kristen said...

Ooohh such a fun post! I love the last two looks but I think my favorite favorite is the newest one. LOVE that love seat. Looks comfy and chic and the color is perfect.

Unknown said...

I'm loving those accessories - vase, candlesticks, statue- deco inspired!

Melanie H said...

Love abstract painting! Who is the artist??

Anonymous said...

I love Sally's accessories! Who makes the porcupine-inspired spiky brass ball?

Anonymous said...

I love how Sally is always changing things up and love her evolving style!
@Melanie - when Sally was featured on Cote de Texas in April the post mentioned that the painting was done by Houstonian Kirsten McLean

Unknown said...

Hi everyone!I checked with Sally and the painting is in fact by Kirsten McLean who is represented by Segreto Finishes here in Houston.

franki durbin said...

So gorgeous. It is light, airy and beautiful. It's all about the accessories for me. I LOVE the art, the objets and the plump pillows. Fabulous.


Each room definitely has something special...but of course I love the most recent! So light and fresh.....talent for sure.

Unknown said...

Any idea where the leopard pillow is from? One of my best friends is getting married this year and this would be the a perfect gift for her!

I am in Houston so am hoping I can pick one up from her!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily,

I spoke with Sally and she said the pillows are custom made. She currently has a couple available for sale and said you could contact her directly at


Dustyn said...

Number three is definitely my fave so far although number four is a close second ;-)

sarah said...

Do you know what color paint she used for her white walls? thank you