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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabulous Room Friday 07.13.12

filicia dressing room

Okay, first things first—who is superstitious? I ask because it’s Friday the 13th. I’ll be sure to send positive thoughts of good luck your way!

How amazing is this dressing room designed by Thom Filicia? Unabashedly feminine with a touch of whimsy and zero pretense, this space has such a refreshing, bohemian vibe. I love the marble-topped island, glamorous, built-in vanity, and of course, the Frances Elkins chair with coral upholstery. The pendant over the island is a great touch. I am fantasizing about filling the island with all of my jewelry. I don’t love the butterfly and bird treatment on the closet doors, but I do like them. What are your thoughts? Could you see yourself in this space? Do you like that it is unapologetically over-the-top or would you prefer something a bit more subdued.


{Image via Thom Filicia}


Unknown said...

Holy's amazing- I've long been a fan of that paper and I actually love it surrounded by thick black and that marble...amazing.

Dawna Jones Design said...

So weird that this is Thom Filicia,so different then his usual.I'm in love with everything except the print on the doors it's a bit over the top for me,but it is a room you don't spend a ton of time in so it could be a nice surprise every time you walk in!

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I adore that marble! What a fun place to get ready each day.

Squeak said...

It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too over the top for me! I'd much prefer something elegant and soothing.


ooo I love the space! I like clean edited and modern but I a also think going bold and personal is so wonderful! There is something so confident about having a space that makes you happy and not caring about everyone else. Love it!