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Thursday, July 12, 2012

La Dolce Vita + One Kings Lane Blogger Challenge

I was recently invited to participate in a One Kings Lane Blogger Challenge in conjunction with their new Vintage & Market Finds site. The task at hand was to find a place in my home that I would like to style differently and use items hand-selected by the One Kings Lane team from their Vintage & Market finds to create a new look. I opted for the vintage Parsons console table that I have in my bedroom. My mom purchased it in the 1970s, but it dates back to the 1960s. She gave it to Fabian and I about a year ago and we decided to paint it high gloss peacock blue. Other than adding a couple of stacks of design books and style tomes, we hadn’t really gotten around to styling the table, so it was the perfect little vignette for the One Kings Lane Blogger Challenge.
OKL Goods{From Left: Galerie Karsten Greve, an art book from a vintage book dealer, a framed piece of vintage wallpaper, a black and gold candy tray, a cool, green footed bowl with ombré finish, and an amber bottle from the 1960s.}
I completed a survey and was interviewed by the One Kings Lane team, who gauged my taste and preferences and sent me a box with the goodies pictured above for me to use in my vignette. Before I show you the full “after”, I’ll show you what the Parsons table looked like before I styled it with my Vintage Market Finds.image
Before Parsons Table
{Before, I had a couple of stacks of design books, a potted orchid, zebra painting from Etsy, gold-leaf bowl, a framed photo of Tate, and an iomoi tray on the Parsons table in my bedroom.}
Before Bedroom
{Looking Towards the Table from the Bed}
{After, you’ll notice how I incorporated my “new” Vintage Market Finds from One Kings Lane.}
{I love a good mixing styles and the items from Vintage Market Finds are a perfect addition to the mix. My Marcel Breuer leather chair and the Parsons table are very mid-century modern, while the natural wood finish of the mirror adds a great, soft contrast. Mixing in framed vintage wallpaper, the cool footed glazed pot that I transferred my orchid to, black and gold candy dish, and amber bottle add layers of colors and textures that really complete the space.}
After Bottle
{I noticed on the season finale of Mad Men that Don Draper and his new wife,
Mrs. Zou Bisou Bisou have three of these Italian glass bottles grouped together in their home. It made me like my fabulous little bottle even more!}
{I decided to put some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I wear quite often on the little black and gold candy dish. They add some texture and a bit of glamour which I can’t help but love!}
Before Bed
{Finally, to give you a better feel for the overall space, this is our bed. I apologize for the lopsided, shadowy photo. It’s really hard to photograph the room because of the direction the window faces.}
Before Nightstand
{Fabian’s Nightstand}
Before Nightstand2
{My Nightstand—I definitely need a pro to photograph this space because the light in this room is so difficult to get right!}
Do tell, do you prefer the before or the after? Which of my Vintage Market Finds items is your favorite? Head over to One Kings Lane’s Live.Love.Home for my interview and more on the One Kings Lane Blogger Challenge.


Unknown said...

Love this glimpse into your home! Everything looks great. But if I had to pick my favorite- I do love the 'after'. The color of that added art piece is just beautiful.

xoxo, Emily

Kristen said...

Love getting a glimpse into the homes of our favorite bloggers. I'm loving the color blue you chose for this piece. I really like the tray you used to hold your jewelry.

Yolonda | Style Fragment said...

Like the before, love the after with the vintage finds! Mistly because I prefer a more eclectic makes a space feel more livable vs. a museum. Great post!

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

LOVE what you did, Paloma! It looks fabulous. I love the peek in to your home as well. Such a gorgeous bedroom!

Laura Trevey said...

Great job Paloma ~ love your home decor items you picked.

katie hanson said...

your lamp bases on the nightstands are so cool! where did you get them? also, i love how fabian gets the remotes :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, everyone!

Katie, I found the lamps at Target about 4 or 5 years ago. It was a serendipitous find! I was prepared to buy something much pricier and found these at Target for $50 a piece when I was picking up some shampoo!

Dawna Jones Design said...

I love the after it's always so great to have a collection of things new and old that tell a story about the person who lives their!

StagerLinda said...

Ooooh, I love the little black candy dish. It all looks great.

Anonymous said...

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twoandthreedesigners said...

I love the after and I love the vintage framed wall paper. Cool Idea! Good Luck with the challenge :)

twoandthreedesigners said...

I love the after and I love the vintage framed wall paper. Cool Idea! Good Luck with the challenge :)

LiveLaughDecorate said...

Great job incorporating those vintage pieces. Classic way to combine two design styles. That parsons table by the way is an amazing piece. I used it recently on a project and the client loves it dearly: