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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Tour: A Chic Dallas Cottage

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

Well, it’s not a cottage per se—more like a lovely, one-story traditional home currently on the market in the exclusive Highland Park area of Dallas. Built in 1939, this charming home has loads of character, but has been completely renovated with all the modern comforts. What first drew me to the home was the beautifully decorated living room. I love the combination of chairs, the use of patterns, and the blue and white color palette. The home is chic and inviting. It also happens to be situated on Versailles Avenue. Some may ask what is in a name, but it sure would be fun to print that as one’s return address, wouldn’t it?

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The home’s exterior is perfectly manicured.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{I love the look of gas lanterns on a home’s exterior. I also love the twin urns flanking the doors.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{An Alternate Look at the “Modern meets Traditional” Living Room}4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The dining room is fairly spacious and features a couple of design classics—Philippe Starck Ghost Chairs and a Saarinen Marble Tulip Table.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{I absolutely love the eclectic den/library. It looks so cozy and gives the impression that the homeowners are well-traveled, stylish people who have amassed a collection of things they love over the years and now display in this space. The blue walls are stunning.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The kitchen is not large, but it is completely updated. Notice the mirrored backsplash and paneling above the doorframe which make the room feel much larger.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The Butler’s Pantry between the Kitchen and Dining Room}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{Clearly, the people who live here enjoy juxtaposing items from various periods and styles. I love the simplicity of the dining table paired with the classical, elegant chairs. I would love to see a beautiful chandelier in here, though.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The family room is so chic! I love the combination of the navy and white striped rug, blue and white pillows, white sofa, and tan Barcelona-style chairs.This entire home is beautifully styled.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The master bedroom is so serene. I love the bedding and the built-ins look pretty fabulous.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{It seems this must be a 1.5 story home given the stairs leading up to the master bedroom. Notice the stylish vignette on the landing.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The guest bedroom features crisp white linens, a lovely crystal lamp, and a white Parsons desk.}

4683 S. Versailles Ave. Highland Park, TX

{The backyard is lovely and inviting, just like the rest of the home.

This three bedroom, two bath, two car garage home can be yours for $745,000. Keep in mind that the price tag reflects the home’s location in one of Dallas’ most sought-after and desirable close-in neighborhoods. Could you see yourself in this home? Do you like the design? What would this home sell for in your city?

{Image via Matthew Nichols Group}


Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

i LOVE this little guy! want!

Prippy Handbook said...

This is such a great example of making the most a space! I'm definitely filing this one away for inspiration. In the DC area, many of the homes in the best neighborhoods are older and on the smaller side, so creativity is required (as is $, seems Highland Park is on par with the DC market).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home. This is technically in West Highland Park, so you get the police but not the great public schools. If it was a couple of blocks east, the price tag would be closer to $1 million! They did a great job picking interesting pieces and mixing styles.

Jamie said...

i LOVE that home! i could move right in & not change a thing!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous! Highland Park is definitely one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas.

preppylove said...

I absolutely love Highland Park. Highland Park Village is easily one of my favorite places in Dallas. That home is gorgeous! I love everything and I wish I could look through all the books on their bookshelves!


Anonymous said...

I would buy this house in a heart beat if it was listed at this price in LA. This would be well over $1,000,000 in my neighborhood.

Carolyn said...

This might be my dream house - completely, head-to-toe. Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I live in Palo Alto and this home would be north of $2-3 million, thanks to all the new Facebook millionaires snapping up property here.

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

This is my best friend's house! She's also my most stylish friend by far! So fun to see it here!

Yolonda | Style Fragment said...


Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

So well done. Lots of thought went into this and you can see it. Terrific source for future projects. Keeper file for this one.

Like Me Some said...

The family room is by far my favorite!!! I love the mix of styles used all throughout the home!

LiveLaughDecorate said...

The dining room is uncluttered and striking. Can't go wrong with fabulous artwork

Liv said...

I love that this is called a 'cottage' - only in Dallas! Super cute. I love all the white - it keeps a cottage fresh and airy!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

A really beautiful home..... small, but extremely well done. Yes, I'd take it!

Klaudynka said...

oh dear what a lovely library , i want to copy everything. This house is just amazing

Klaudynka said...

i love every single detail in this house

Anonymous said...

Great house! In Charlotte in the Eastover or Myers Park area they would get $800k. Would be closer to $900k if the yard was a little bit bigger.

How2home said...

wow....this is a cottage! i cant imagine what the real house look like. its so beautiful! ESPECIALLY the library....its so cozy, i can sit there all day and read! WOW!