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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Room Friday 05.25.12

ken fulk

{Throughout this home, and especially here, in the living room, you’ll notice that modern silhouettes are beautifully mixed with classic antiques, such as the commode and the chairs in the photo above.}

This ultra-chic living room is part of a 9,000 square foot San Francisco home designed by Ken Fulk belonging to a prominent art collector and philanthropist. Naturally, each room features striking artwork and this living room is no exception. While the entire home is definitely worth seeing—it is featured in the current issue of Interiors, I particularly love the living room for the beautiful details, sumptuous textures, and glamorous objects Fulk chose to fill it with.

ken fulk2

{Fulk painted the walls a grey-blue hue to give the effect that the famous San Francisco fog has made its way in. The large canvas of clouds by Carla Klein provides a stunning vista within the room. By the way, how amazing is the enormous coffee table?}

ken fulk3

{One of many spectacular pieces of art, Andy Warhol’s images of Jackie Onassis hold court above the fireplace.}

Pretty stunning, no? Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


{Images via Interiors}


Luciane at said...

Good morning, pretty girl! :-)

How are you doing, sweetie?

I love "interiors" magazine. Isn't it fabulous? They're doing a great job.

This is so unique and so interesting!

Wishing you a very peaceful and blessed weekend.


Luciane at

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

whoa. i love the wall to wall installation of jute. that coffee table held me captive for a few mintues while my eyes figured it out. so interesting!

The Visual Vamp said...

Love the room, don't love the huge hand ha ha. It looks like a giant Thing (from the Adams Family).
Have a great weekend!
xo xo

The Visual Vamp said...

Love the room, don't love the huge hand ha ha. It looks like a giant Thing (from the Adams Family).
Have a great weekend!
xo xo

Unknown said...

I originally liked the hand, but now that you mention the Addams Family, Val, I totally see it!

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I love the giant coffee table and the mix of textures even though it's a fairly monochromatic room.


LeeLee said...

Wow, this place is truly stunning. I love all the pieces of art. What a great share. Have a lovely weekend!

Amberly @ The Good Life said...

I LOVE that canvas of clouds. So incredibly cool! He did such a nice job with this design - it's unique, sophisticated, and so eye-catching. I want to see more!


Courtney said...

Wow, this room is gorgeous! Inspiring, tks!

Decofairy said...

I like so much this hand!!!! It gives life to the whole room.

Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful post. I am in love with the first image, especially the chest.
I have added you to m y blogroll.
Happy Memorial Day weekend.

How2home said...

really beautiful post!