Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Closet Confidential: Wearing White

Hi there! It's Liz again with another installment of Closet Confidential and today I want to talk about wearing white. There is something so light, airy, refreshing and polished about an all white ensemble and because Memorial Day "officially" marks that it is acceptable to wear white again, I am completely inspired by these images:

Sundresses, tailored tops, eyelet and lace, maxi skirts, easy tanks, and draped details, paired with soft pastels, polished nails, beachy hair, floppy hats and natural makeup...the perfect uniform for a hot summer day. Are you a fan of the all white ensemble?
Until next time, I hope you have a stylish Memorial Day Weekend!
{image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}


Chelsea said...

I shy away from white, but I LOVE these images. The bottom three are especially breathtaking. You have passed on the inspiration bug in white.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

i love all of these. and in summer all i wanna do is wear white. but inevitably it becomes orangish - because i spill 100% of things on it :)

preppylove said...

I am a fan! It's not the look I usually go for but maybe I should start! I'm on the lookout for white sundresses!


Sara said...

Lovely post! I adore white ensembles. I do have comment, however, that in The South, the rule is that you can begin wearing white starting on Easter Sunday ; )

Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, what a wonderful post!
Summer is really in the air.
These white dresses are so vaporous, are the image of pure freshness.
The last pic is gorgeous.
Have a happy Wednesday.

an act of style. said...

So classic, you never get tired of wthite!

I linked back to this post on my blog, hope that's OK:

Have a wonderful day!

chachamisu said...

Love them ,all white looks beautiful in every photos

Decofairy said...

White is so elegant!!! Especially for Greek islands ;)

Anonymous said...

Wearing white for me is kind of tricky, I tend to shy away. But it looks so good on other people!=)

Amberly @ The Good Life said...

Really, really pretty. And I am loving the clunky boot trend that goes along with this look, just to sass it up a bit.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

I don't let fashion rules dictate when I rock a hue. I've been wearing white ever since the weather got warm. I only wear it on hot or really warm sunny days. I say stock up whenever you come across items you like because when there is an "all white" party to attend, you'll have a difficult time. Never fails. I know first hand because of how long it took me to find an outfit for my cousin's anniversary party that I styled in July.