Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exuberant Glamour meets Masculine Chic

{The bedside table is home to several treasures including a quartz lamp, Hermès travel clock, along with a contemporary work by Houston artist Shane Tolbert.}

You may recognize the work of Houston-based interior designer, Cathy Echols from the two projects of hers that we featured in High Gloss a little over a year ago. While perusing Paper City this weekend, I was thrilled to see that they had published a new project of Cathy’s. It turns out that this is the new home of the male client whose last home we profiled on pg.59-63 in issue 3 of High Gloss! I noticed that they kept a few of the same furnishings and a lot of her client’s fabulous artwork, but I was so impressed by how new and fresh this high-rise condo looks from the old house considering the fact that the style and color palette are very similar to one another.

{The palette and overall style of the living room are very much in keeping with the client’s former home—the epitome of modern, masculine chic.}

{Cathy Echols, sheathed in Hermès from head to toe, dressed the entire apartment in Farrow and Ball’s “Tanner’s Brown” noting that painting an entire home the same color unifies the space and makes it feel larger.}

{The dining room hosts leather dining chairs that belonged to the previous owners of the condominium. Allison Schulnik’s monkey painting from Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica was in the foyer of Cathy’s client’s former home, but now looks over the dining room. The lighting fixtures are by Andy Coolquitt.}

{Both Cathy and her client enjoy taking risks in design and they each possess an enviable knack for getting scale just right. Cathy had an étagère custom built for her client “whose collection ranges from a pair of mammoth Napoleonic sphinx sculptures that graced a theater in London before it burned to the ground to 4,000-year-old urns from China” in order to properly display his treasures.}

{The sitting room off the master bedroom features a pastoral painting by 1920s muralist David Karfunkle along with a sofa from Shabby Slips, a Waylande Gregory bowl, and stacks of stylish reads.}

{The Chic Sitting Room}

{I would honestly be hard-pressed to find people as effortlessly chic as Cathy and her client. They exude style in everything they do. How stunning is this vignette? Coincidentally, Jack Thompson, who shot the client’s former home for High Gloss, also photographed this shoot. He is incredibly talented and was such a pleasure to work with.}

{The bedroom is perfectly tailored and masculine. Wouldn’t this make for a fabulous hotel room as well?}

{The master bedroom also features mohair-covered loveseats from Shabby Slips along with Photographs by Deanna Templeton entitled Nudes which hang on either side of an antique Chinese armoire.}

Cathy is a master at delivering maximalist style with restraint which is not easy to do. She creates spaces that are chic and streamlined, using classic, tailored shapes but elevating them through the use of ultra-luxe materials and irreverent, unexpected touches. I just can’t get enough of her style. Do you like the new condo or did you prefer the former home of Cathy’s client?



{Image Credit: Jack Thompson for Paper City}


Glitterati said...

Lovely! :)

Anonymous said...


Tammy@InStitches said...

What a beautiful home, I've never seen a whole house painted that color !

Dawna Jones Design said...

I could seriously move in and not change a thing and I never feel that way about any home it's gorgeous.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I love me a batch pad and was enamored of Cathy Echols' Houston home featured in Paper City way back when.
This place strikes me as a tad cold, even for a sleek single chap. But Echols certainly is a worldly woman with a discerning design eye. Some lovely choices overall, though I may have flipped the larger-scaled art (Nudes) over to the living room sofa area and maybe used the mural in a smaller, more contained space.


Chelsea said...

Such a great space!

Jerith@BaileyFoxInteriors said...

I've used a similar color to the Farrow & Ball before and painted my entire home the deep shade of charcoal/brown. It worked because of the abundant natural light while combining a warmth with sophistication. Like Alcira said, I do find this a bit cold, but probably only because I can't see the view outside the obviously abundant amount of windows.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! Great mix of masculine/feminine looks!! I wish I could find a balance like this in my house for my husband and I! xoxo Elizabeth

Laura Trevey said...

So so much to love in this post ~ from the quartz lamp to all of the amazing abstract ART.

Lalli's taste said...

I love the elegance, but to me is little dark. I like pastel and sring color for my walls. maybe because I love feminine style?

Splendid Sass said...

Gorgeous! I usually don't love modern so much, but the art makes this home amazing, and as you said, masculine chic!

Dawn said...

There are so many details that I love in these photographs. The quartz lamp is fantastic. There are some seriously beautiful orchids. I also love the sitting area in the bedroom and of course, the artwork!

Joie de Viv said...

love it all love it all! I think I've re-pinned most of these already! :)

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

This truly is well designed space; there's a femininity to the masculine feel. I'm loving the black color palette.

Chelsea said...

These spaces are lovely and moody and chic, and I love them all to death. Thanks for sharing! xoxo