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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Style Files: Jordan Ferney


Jordan Ferney is one busy lady! She is a wife, mother, event planner, letterpress printer, and author of the celebrated blog, Oh Happy Day. Jordan’s blog is known for its quirky style and a plethora of fabulous crafty ideas along with posts on home decor, wedding, fashion, entertaining, and children’s items. Oh Happy Day has been featured in several publications including Domino, Blueprint, Cookie, Apartment Therapy, and design*sponge. Jordan also teaches letterpress classes that I would love to attend, if only I were in San Francisco, and she dabbles in prop styling. She is truly passionate about everything that she does, which is evident in the care and beauty she infuses into each of her projects.



Name: Jordan Ferney

Occupation: Blogger, Letterpress Printer, Event Planner

Hometown: St. George, Ut

Current City: San Francisco


LDV: How did you start your career?

JF: I started out as an event planner which I pursued because I love parties. I love planning them, I love hosting them, I love attending , I even love hearing about other people's parties. Now I blog about parties and am a freelance writer for a few other websites. When I graduated from college "blogging" wasn't a career option but I love it and am so glad I fell into it.

LDV: What do you love most about it? What is the most challenging aspect?

JF: I love blogging because its basically like being a mini magazine editor. The hard part is making it financially viable. Even if you are getting a decent amount of traffic it isn't always easy to make a steady income.

LDV: Where do you find inspiration?

JF: I get inspired by getting out into the world, going to bookstores or boutiques. I also get some of my best ideas by going to thrift stores and looking for unexpected inspiration. I deliberately try not to garner inspiration from online because it gets played out so quickly.

{Image Source}

LDV: Who are some of your personal style icons?

JF: I have terrible personal style. I'm not just being modest either. I admire the preppy quirkiness of the Kate Spade brand and right now I'm really inspired by menswear (like everyone else) blazers, fedoras, and brogues make me happy.

LDV: How would you describe your own style?

JF: I like clean lines a little bit of femininity and a whole lot of color.

LDV: What is the trait you most admire in a person?

JF: Loyalty.

LDV: What is your principal weakness?

JF: Impatience.

LDV: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

JF: I didn't receive it but I saw it on a Abby Clawson Low's blog . "You are only as good as the obscurity of your sources." The trick is to not get inspired from things everyone has seen. If you can get inspired from an old book at a flea market and bring something new to the table, that is the secret.

LDV: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

JF: That I'm still madly in love with my husband and that we really like our kids.

LDV: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

JF: Working on projects with my husband. He is a painter and we just did a collaborative art show where I got to choose what he painted and art direct it and then he painted it. We did a whole show on cakes ( It was the most fun project I've ever worked on because we got to spend a lot of time and be creative together.



{Image Source}

Bloom: Garden Roses

Food: Anything really fresh and in season

Drink: gourmet soda

Thing to Wear: vintage silk scarfs

Destination: Paris

Season: Summer

Meal: dinner

Musician: Sufjan Stevens

Artist: Paul Ferney (my husband)

Film: Cinema Paradiso: I first saw it when I was sixteen and I still love it.

Television Show: 30 Rock

Book: Anything by Dave Eggers

Magazines: I love the Martha Stewart Empire--anything they produce.

Blogs: I love ink and wit. Such a beautiful layout.

Texture: silk ribbon

{Image Source}

Fabric or Pattern: I love the zebra wallpaper in the Kate Spade dressing rooms.

Color: chartreuse

Scent: a freshly bathed baby

Extravagance: traveling


{All images via Oh Happy Day unless otherwise noted.}


Laura Trevey said...

What a fun interview... I am a huge 30 Rock fan too... Go Tina!

xoxo Laura

RendezVous said...

Lovely interview Paloma! as usual! ;)

samantha ramage said...

absolutely love this interview-- and the advice that you are only as good as the obscurity of your references.. such an inspiration to be unique and truly yourself!


Lindsay Hosanna said...

I enjoyed everything about this post and the person you interviewed. SO FUN! Thanks :)

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

A really nice post to read and to hear a little more about Jordon. I love to stop by her blog.

Gabrielle - Design Mom said...

Great interview, Jordan!!

Claudia Cifuentes said...

Great interview -- so inspiring! xo

Rachael said...

Loved the interview...such a lovely lady!

simplygrove said...

Love this interview and love Jordan!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

When I thought Jordan couldn't be any cooler, she floored me with "still madly in love with my husband and we really like our kids"!

Paloma ~ Great Style File!

Inha said...

Great interview. Jordan is my blog idol :)

Unknown said...

Adorable with great insight!! Thanks for another wonderful interview!



Unknown said...

this was so fun to read! jordan (and her blog) are both SO lovely. xo