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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Style Files: J Randall Powers


 J Randall Powers, or Randy as he is called by his friends and clients, is one of the most talented and in-demand interior designers in Houston. His extraordinary talent encompasses a variety of styles, as can be evidenced in his portfolio. While his style mainly skews on the traditional side, he mixes classic and modern styles quite masterfully, always resulting in rooms that feel completely timeless. Randy’s talent has led to features in ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Paper City, and most recently, in the October issue of Veranda. In addition to designing beautiful spaces, Randy has also designed a collection of lighting for Visual Comfort, which is available to the public through Circa Lighting.



Name: J Randall Powers

Occupation: Decorator, product designer

Hometown: Houston

Current City: Houston



{A Sumptuous Living Room Designed by Randy}

LDV: What inspired you to begin your career in interior design?

JRP: Shelter magazines. I have read and studied them since I was a small boy. I literally was obsessed with interiors, furnishing and design for as long as I can remember. Later when I discovered the importance of building a design library I became all consumed with procuring every great interiors book known to man. I have over 2900 books on decorating alone.

{The Home of Visual Comfort Founder, Andy Singer, Designed by Randy and Featured in House Beautiful}

LDV: What do you love most about it?

JRP: I enjoy creating interiors and building collections for my clients and friends that have staying power. I NEVER follow trends.

{Randy’s Former Home as featured in ELLE DECOR}

LDV: What is the most challenging aspect?

JRP: Working in so many different styles and with such a broad base I have to wear a lot of hats and be able to change thought processes hour to hour. It can be exhausting by the end of the day.


{The handsome kitchen in Randy’s new home is even more stunning in person. The entire house is completely tailored, classic, and chic. It would be right at home in London.}

LDV: Where do you find inspiration?

JRP: I find inspiration everywhere. An orchid at a flower shop can begin the spark for me. But if I had to pinpoint a single thing, it would be going back and revisiting interiors of some the great decorators. Especially the 1970’s in New York.

{Albert Hadley’s New York Apartment via ELLE DECOR}

LDV: Who are some of your personal style icons?

JRP: Albert Hadley, Jeffery Bilhuber and Billy Baldwin. They are Genius when it comes to arranging objects.


{A More Contemporary Look}

LDV: How would you describe your own style?

JRP: I don’t have a preferred style. I am all about the object. If I like something I make it work in a room. For me the shape, form, texture and pattern-or lack there of- becomes a mix that embodies what I love. So that becomes my style to some effect. Its all about editing and knowing when to stop.


{The Classic Kitchen in one of Randy’s Former Homes}

LDV: What is the trait you most admire in a person?

JRP: Loyalty. Hands down. I have been blessed to have the most loyal clients on the planet.

photo[1] {This elegant living room was part of the same house as the kitchen pictured above this. I love how well he incorporates scale and symmetry into each room he designs.}

LDV: What is your principal weakness?

JRP: Generosity. I give a lot away. Ideas, furniture, profit. I’m all about the big picture and good Karma in the scheme of things.


{The Dining Room in Randy’s Former Home}

LDV: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

JRP: 1. Never break the ties of communication and 2. To start my own firm.

{Another Shot of the Singer Home from the House Beautiful Spread}

LDV: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

JRP: Starting this profession with no formal training or schooling.


{The Sitting Room in Randy’s Current Home}

LDV: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

JRP: Being settled in one’s home… I move too much.



peony place setting

Bloom: Peony

Food: Simple

Drink: Very fresh iced tea.


{The Hamilton 1883 Showroom - Image via A Continuous Lean}

Thing to Wear: My custom made Hamilton shirts.

Destination: London

Season: Fall

MoMA.  Cy Twombly. The Four Seasons.

{Cy Twombly’s Four Seasons at New York’s Museum of Modern Art – Source}

Meal: Duck Confit and a frisee salad with beets.

Musician: Michael Franks

Artist: Cy Twombly


{Glen Close, John Malkovich, and Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Liasons}

Film: Dangerous Laisons

Television Show: I do not watch TV.

Book: Jansen Decoration to study, People Like Us to read.


{The Apartment Randy Designed for his Mother on the Cover of ELLE DECOR}


Magazines: Any shelter magazine that’s is still around.

Blogs: La Dolce Vita, The Peak of Chic, The Style Saloniste and Cote de Texas, to name a few.

Texture: KFI RF-10 Madagascar cloth. I am the largest consumer in the US, truly.

Fabric or Pattern: Simple plain cotton.

{Rich Navy Walls at the JK Capri Hotel}

Color: At the moment Deep Navy Blue.

Scent: Rigaud Cypres candles

Extravagance: Fresh pressed sheets daily.

Quote: “Quality will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten” Stanley Marcus


{All images courtesy of J.Randall Powers Interior Decoration

unless otherwise noted.}


Laura Trevey said...

I love the photo in House Beautiful with the exposed brick, which add so much character to a room!

Great interview ~~

xoxo Laura

Melissa Blake said...

I love that kitchen. It looks like the perfect spot for a cozy dinner!

Meg said...

Randy has exquisite taste...I want to know what brand that madagascar cloth is! His kitchen is divine...

RendezVous said...

fabulous interviewas allways!

Anonymous said...

That was a delight to read, thanks for that!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

so gorgeous!!! I love his former home + his style.

Courtney said...

Love the mix of elements he uses!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. It all looks very refined and classic.


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

How cool are those curtains...they like flow to the floor...LOVE it! :))))

Sara Sabia said...

I'm so in love with Randy's current deep toned, masculine warm kitchen!! When someone can make a kitchen feel sexy, makes you want to cook! (Great to have you home Randy!) The Sabia's

Creative Tonic said...

KFI RF-10 Madagascar cloth? Is this a Kravet fabric? Could you tell me more?

Anonymous said...

KFI Madagascar is from Kneedler Fouchere Imports out of LA...

Oh So Glam said...

Randy is obviously very talented and I adore his taste - very inspiring! Loved reading the style profile, great job!

- Jannica

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