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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raising the Bar

{Sally used the nightstands in her office at home.}

Fabian and I recently bought a regency dresser along with two matching nightstands from the fabulous, Sally Wheat! They totally have that Pieces look, don’t they? Fabian is currently working on them in the garage, but once we get the console inside, I am planning to use it as a buffet. I’d like to use part of the space on top for a  little bar set-up and have collected images of chic bars for years. I keep getting deterred from doing a bar post because so many others have done it, but oh well. I could use the inspiration right now for my gorgeous new buffet!


bar julie shelter Last week, the talented Julie of Shelter posted pictures of her amazing, swoon-worthy house on her blog. It is seriously gorgeous and I think I might be in love with her office. However, I thought this little vignette in her dining room was pretty darn fabulous, too!

bar julie shelter2 

bar lonny


bar lonny3


bar lonny4


bar plush palate

{Image via Plush Palate}

bar steven gambrel lower fifth

{Steven Gambrel}

bar patrick cline

{Image Credit: Patrick Cline}

bar office designer {Domino}

bar cart patrick cline

{Image Photographed by Patrick Cline for Thom Filicia}

bar david hicks

{David Hicks}

That is a one well-stocked bar! Let’s hope it was for a party!

bar domino2 {Domino}

bar eddie ross domino

{Eddie Ross}

bar mike thompson

{Mike Thompson}

bar style redux

{Image via Style Redux}


ashlina {the decorista} said...

i love this post...congrats on the beautiful piece....



Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

I'm a sucker for vignettes, I have hundreds of them in my design files! Eddie Ross is my vignette master crush!!

boops said...

love it! thanks for the inspiration!

Kathysue said...

Cheers to you , can't wait to see what you come up. I know it will be fantastic!! Kathysue

The Gimlet Eye said...

Fabulous post. There are NEVER enough bar posts in my opinion. This was perfectly timed because I am re-doing my bar and was in the process of staging it!

Things That Inspire said...

I love this post too! It's funny about not wanting to post something because others have done it - I am going through something similar, I spent a lot of time and effort researching a topic, and two other bloggers have posted on it over the past few weeks! Oh well, I have a good angle, and you do too.

PS - I would rather have a good mobile bar than a built in bar.

Tammy@InStitches said...

I love your new buffet, wish I had room for one like that !

KSK said...

That's going to be a great buffet and it'll be fun setting up your bar...and drinking from it too ;) I desperately want that orange bar by Steven Gambrel!

Averill said...

I love the dresser! It's going to look fantastic -- are you planning on keeping it white or going with another color?

Embodying Fashion said...

that first image is really amazing girly but in the same time peacefull and elegant. Good post.

Rachel said...

i love the look of a beautifully designed bar area. i redo mine all the time, my boyfriend literally thinks i'm crazy. i don't know something about the combination of pretty bottles and glassware just gets me! and everytime i see a new post I've just got to try. . .

shelter said...

so many great images Paloma...i love bar tops too...I also LOVE your new piece! Great find, I can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you so much for the mention..


LindsB said...

What a lucky buy!! I LOVE that you are using it for a bar, I think its a great idea! I cant wait to see more

That Girl in Pearls said...

SO great. Simply too much to comment on :) And the desk area is what Carrie Bradshaw SHOULD have been using in Sex and the City. Just sayin :)


Fargerike Dagny said...

I LOVE it! Am looking forward to seeing the after :)

tarheel said...

oh my gosh, everything is divine!! You scored.

Erika Ward said...

Your new buffet is going to be fab! And thanks for the inspiring bar images, you can never have enough posts like these. Everyone sees design through different eyes.

Bailey @ peppermintbliss said...

Whatevs...I dont know if it is this seemingly endless winter, the economy, or what but I think we ALL could use a drink lately. And since drinking during the day is frustratingly not socially acceptable, looking at beautiful bar carts/bar cart projects seems to scratch that itch for me. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Anonymous said...

Do you or does anyone else know where to get the fabulous black mock-croc bar/console in the Lonny pics? I went to their site, but they didn't have any info. I know about Jonathan Adler's Preston console table, which is similar, but a little too asian for me... Thanks for your help! Love the blog!

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

Bar trays and consoles are one of my favorite things! They can be done so very well! Congrats on your new piece, it looks awesome!