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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Anna Kohler

renovation style anna kohler

After last week’s feature on Anna Kohler’s dream apartment (as featured in Renovation Style), I think many of you were left wondering who this incredibly stylish girl was. I was so intrigued by her extraordinary talent and so smitten with her lovely taste, that I wanted to know more about her.

renovation style3

To say that I love blogging would be a complete understatement. One of the main things I love about it is the relationships it has allowed me to form. After posting about Anna’s apartment, lo and behold, I received an e-mail from none other than Miss Kohler herself, thanking me for the feature and letting me know that she is a fan of La Dolce Vita. She also offered to answer your questions about her apartment (I have posted her responses in the comments section of the original post). I asked her if she would do a “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” post to allow us to get to know her better and was thrilled when she agreed! Anna is currently an an art history 
and psychology major. She studied design last summer at Parsons, and plans to go to graduate school for design and work in design upon her graduation.

and if her gorgeous apartment is any indication of the future, I think she is someone we’ll be watching for years to come.


1. Puerto Rico


{Image via Planetware}

Puerto Rico has always been my second home. My mother was born and raised there and I have many relatives who still live on this beautiful island. Here is an image of Old San Juan, which has the most colorful, stunning architecture!

2. Tall Winter Boots


{Images via Michael Kors and Tory Burch}

While I may visit Puerto Rico every year, my home is in cold Minneapolis! Tall boots are my go to item during the slushy winter months!

3. Lucite


{Source Unknown}

Lucite furniture makes a grand statement without taking up visual residency, which is perfect for a girl like me who lives in a small space! In my home I have the Charles Ghost stools, but I love the humor in this piece.

4. Leo


Speaking of dogs…Leo, my adorable little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel…Simply the sweetest dog ever!

5. Shelves filled with my favorite design books and shelter magazines


{Jonathan Adler}


{Candace Bushnell via ELLE DECOR and Miles Redd}


{Todd Romano}

Throughout the years I have amassed a large collection of design books and magazines, from which I continually draw inspiration. I love shuffling through old Domino magazines or design books from years back. I keep all of these references behind closed doors in my office, but open bookshelves filled with stacks and rows of books and mementos make a space feel inviting and refreshingly lived in!

6. Statement Jewelry


My grandmother had the most amazing collection of costume jewelry, which I have since inherited. Everything from fabulous clip on earrings (she never pierced her ears) to strands of pearls and over scaled vintage necklaces. I even adore the jewelry box, which has that old vintage smell. (I took this picture using the awesome iphone application called “camerabag”, which allows you to turn regular photos into fabulous images that look snapped in the past!)

7. My fabulously amazing sister, Sarah

anna kohler

Sarah is the best sister ever! We are different in so many ways yet understand each other completely! She lives in New York, which is one more great excuse to get to the fabulous NYC.

8. Wallpaper

anna kohler3

{Images via Habitually Chic and Sarah Richardson}anna kohler2 {Images via Sara Story Design and Melissa Rufty }

9. Museums


{Walker Art Center}

I am drawn to all things aesthetically pleasing, whether in the form of beautiful interiors, innovative architecture or historic paintings. I love wondering aimlessly through art museums and am lucky enough to live right across the street from this museum, the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis. For me, art serves as refreshing design inspiration.

10. Creating Art


While I enjoy taking in others’ art, creating my own works is my true passion. Drawing and painting have always been my stress reliever. Lately I have been so busy, but when I really have the time, I love to draw portraits. This is a series I completed several years ago while a student at George Washington University.


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Great post! I love the apartment and its wonderful to learn more about the person behind it.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

awesome round up!!!!! love it and love her style!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Art, tall winter boots, color in your life/home, and a puppy...all so important! :)

~Chandelier No. 4~ said...

Thanks for posting... Anna sounds just as gorgeous as she is talented.

~ Joanna

alison giese Interiors said...

She is obviously incredibly talented, and turns visual into verbal so well - Love her statement about how lucite doesn't take up "visual residency" - so cleverly put!
Nice post!

Anonymous said...

I think the second picture is Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors in New Orleans-love her work!

Anonymous said...

great post. nice getting to Anna a little bit more. love the brightly colored homes of puerto rico and the lucite furniture is utterly beautiful


Unknown said...

Anon, YES! Thank you! It was driving me insane. I knew it was a Southern designer, but couldn't think of who. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wow! So great on so many levels! (and that lucite dresser is hysterical and yet beautiful nonetheless)

A Wedding Story said...

Great list!! Old San Juan really is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

yay great post! love learning more from the fabulous people you feature & of course I had to purchase the Camerabag app!

KSK said...

The Statement Jewelry section struck a chord with me...I too inherited fabulous jewelry from my grandmother, who also never pierced her ears. Her jewelry boxes have that old vintage smell as well. Love this post!

Michelle said...

Suweet! What a great list, we are soul sisters! Totally soul sisters, I am stealing her kitchen stool idea, actually, what am I saying, it is stolen, from the moment I saw them, gone. LOVE

LindsB said...

Blogging is just the best! Its still crazy to me all the amazing people i have met in the blog world and in the real world just because I started my blog.

Love her 10 things, and I'm going over to the original post to read more about her awesome aparment!

Traci Zeller Designs said...

What a treat! Paloma, thanks so much for doing this! And you are so right - the best part with blogging is the chance to connect with so many people.

Katie (Refresh Design Studio) said...

Love reading more about her! I live in Minneapolis and went to the U of MN as well so it's fun to read more about her and her fabulous home!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the bright pink wool (mohair?) blanket on her bed. Any idea where that was from?