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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Stroll through Tanglewood

I thought this house was just gorgeous. It's a shame that I didn't get a shot of the whole thing. It's a newer construction but it has details that make it look like a Spanish Mediterranean from the 1920's. I can't get over the carved front door and the beautiful moulding surrounding it.

As many of you already know, I have a very strong affinity for houses and am lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind driving around some of Houston's most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods while we ogle the houses and daydream about what we hope to have some day. Last Sunday, we chose to drive through Tanglewood, an exclusive neighborhood just west of the 610 loop near the Galleria. Like most of Houston's older neighborhoods, Tanglewood has experienced a lot of new construction and as a result, features homes in many different styles.

This is what a typical home original to the neighborhood looks like.

A lot of the traditional brick homes currently being built in Houston's high-end neighborhoods use imported European brick (some might use a faux version, I'm not sure). It looks weathered and almost limed and is quite lovely in person.

I just had to get a shot of this behemoth. The massive house is surrounded by an equally enormous privacy wall, which was probably meant to keep snoops like me from photographing their home. Despite the wall and yellow paint, it is a tastefully done Mediterranean unlike the house across the street from it. How about that incredible canopy of oak trees?

This 6,900 square foot home is currently on the market for $4.8 million. The front looks dirty, but I believe that was done on purpose in order to make it appear older. I suppose the owner thought it added charm. It looks kind of creepy at night.
The lines of this house remind me of a California Craftsman, but they added a tile roof which is a different choice for this type of home.

This is a new construction by Black Diamond.

I love this house! I love the creamy stucco and the contrast of the blue shutters. I also really like the symmetry of the front door and windows on the first floor. They did a lovely job with the landscaping.

Interesting elevation, nice landscaping

We thought this house was cool. It looks like a traditional house that was altered to look more contemporary. We're assuming the owners are art collectors, as several sculptures were visible from the street.

Another French inspired stucco house. This seems to be the new trend in new construction in the high-end market. I really like this style.

A more traditional house, which showcases symmetry throughout it's elevation. I love the doors along the front porch.

Tanglewood is filled with many tastefully done Mediterranean houses which are a rarity in Houston. I love the detailed moulding surrounding the windows in the foreground.


cotedetexas said...

Gosh, we have the exact same taste in houses. You know = my favorite is the one you loved with the large gable coming down - sooo cute !!! Love this - wish we could go inside all of them!


Things That Inspire said...

Lovely makes me nostalgic for Houston! I did not venture into Tanglewood very much when I lived there, but I remember dropping some kids off in Tanglewood for playdates on occasion (I did a lot of babysitting in college).

I have definitely noticed the trend towards painted brick and French style homes here in Atlanta too. When done well, I think it is a classic timeless style.

Adriene Rathbun said...

Gorgeous homes! We live in a Spanish Mediterranean built in 1924. It's insanely charming and we love it! By far my fav architecture style!