Friday, August 1, 2008

Gorgeous Granada Tile

Last month, I saw this beautiful Granada tile on Orange Beautiful's blog and was inspired to look into the company's other patterns. My family is Mexican, so I am no stranger to talavera tile and coincidentally saw some beautiful patterns while I was in Spain back in June.

I think what initially appealed to me was the scale of the Granada tiles and the fact that their patterns look so modern and relevant despite the fact that they were probably designed a long time ago. They would just as easily look at home in a modern home as they would in a Spanish villa. The company is based out of Los Angeles and has been featured in several national publications. The company is named after the city of Granada, Nicaragua, where the tiles are made and it takes great strides to manage natural resources responsibly.

Close-up shot of Coleen's (Orange Beautiful's friend) Granada tile used as a backsplash in her kitchen.

I love this beautiful aqua color!

Busy, but beautiful...lots of pretty colors

Bold colors in an outdoor application

This is the same pattern as the aqua colored tile pictured above. I'm such a sucker for grey!


Lauren said...

Ahhh I LOVE that tile, I have to use it in a project!!

Courtney said...

I'm obsessed with this post! I "starred" it on my Google reader and have already been back to look at these tiles about 10 times since you posted it. How gorgeous?!! I would love to find a way to incorporate these beauties in a home renovation!

Lisa said...

Hi Paloma,
Thank you for showing such beautiful tiles- my husband and I are house hunting and I find the tiles very inspiring. You have a wonderful blog!

porter hovey said...

That backsplash is just amazing! Very jealous!

Elements of Style said...

So gorgeous!!!!

Gretta Golightly said...

These are stunning. I was in Granada, Spain a couple of years ago, and saw a lot of similar looks, but now it seems I will have to visit Nicaragua too! Great photos!

Jennifer said...

the gray is really, really beautiful!

Emily said...

That tile is so fun! I love it outside too..