Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spanish Modern: Tim Barber Ltd.

tim barber

Like many design-obsessed people, I often fantasize about what my dream home would look like. If I had the means to work with any architect or designer the possibilities would be endless. And it seems the options would be, too! You see, I love all types of architecture and design and while I have my preferences, I appreciate all types of design when it’s done well. I love the Spanish-style homes in California, though I don’t love the way in which the style is interpreted quite as much in my hometown of Houston. Perhaps the architects and builders in California pay closer homage to the Spanish Colonial homes built there in the early part of the twentieth century and therefore, their interpretations are more authentic and less, for the lack of a better word, tacky.

I recently came across this home by architect and interior designer, Tim Barber. Located in Brentwood, on the west side of Los Angeles, this home was originally built in the 1930s in the style of Spanish Colonial architecture. What I love most about it is the way in which that classic style is blended perfectly with a more modern sensibility. The house embraces its rich architectural history yet fits in perfectly in this modern era. The result is California casual at its best—cool, laidback, and completely inviting.

tim barber 14

{Looking into the Kitchen from the Courtyard: The modern globe pendants and the framing of the doors and windows lend a modern, minimalist sensibility.}

tim barber10

{The French bistro chairs and traditional cabinetry lend warmth to the space. Notice the modern pattern of the traditional Saltillo floors.}

tim barber 16

{I love the materials used on this staircase. I like that the tops of each step are wooden while the risers are dressed in various eclectic patterns including chevron.}

tim barber 15

{The utility room maintains a rather modern feel as well thanks to the graphic black and white backsplash.}

What are your thoughts? Do you like this modern spin on traditional Spanish Colonial style?


{Image Source: Tim Barber, Ltd.}


Jalon Burton said...

What a beautiful dream home! Love the photos... I could easily spend some time there!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Jenny said...

Hi Paloma! I LOVE the modern spin on the spanish style house. I pretty much love a modern spin on any kind of house, but this one is perfect! And those stair riseres!!!

I'm cracking up at your "tacky" comment...being from Houston originally, I completely understand what you mean! Stop it already people!!


Unknown said...

love this home, and the staircase details and that laundry room! oh I NEED that laundry room!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I have a very similar type of ideal home in my dreams. I started whispering baby talk to those decorative stair tiles "aaww you're so adorable, yes you are! yes you are!"
And I must say the last photo of the 'laundry ROOM'! made my heart flutter. So many... many houses nowdays only have a wall for a laundry, oh yes only a spot I mean forbid to give it 'two' spots! oh no no, tsk tsk, the dryer hangs on top of the washing machine. And this spot where do we find it? (at least here in New Zealand) in the garage!!! I went to see a million dollar house the other day (for a friend not for me) and I kid you not, the 'spot' was in the garage! ok ok, lets give it credit, it had two spots.
Anyhoo what I was going to say about the laundry is I love a laundry ROOM! I give thanks to the angels when I have a proper laundry sink to wash those delicates and of course I love ironing (yes I actually enjoy it), it is a reason why my male cousins love me. However I hardly see then now they are all married & I live on the other side of the world.
OK, that was a very long comment!
I just found your blog today :) I shall be back! :)
kiss kiss!

Jules said...

Woow beautifull mansion!! Love your blog ;)!!!

ai said...

soooooo cooooool!

jenchak said...

uh, yeah. i like this modern spin on a traditional spanish colonial. i like it a lot.

a lot.

Melissa Dunlap said...

The staircase is my favorite! I just love the chevron design combined with the other prints. It's eclectic, yet the design all comes together nicely. A gorgeous combination.

Claudia Juestel said...

Love the stairs! A modern spin on the more traditional Casa California.



. said...

I think you just posted my dream home! I love the light, airy feel of this traditional Spanish home. Absolutely gorgeous kitchen too! Another great post Paloma!

Anonymous said...

Where do you find those chairs?????