Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Current Fashion Inspiration

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While feeding my Pinterest obsession over the weekend, I came across some MAJOR looks and accessories including the fabulous look above. Does it get any more chic or polished. I love that this woman is wearing classic, perfectly fitting pieces with a hint of color paired with some serious accessories.

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This look is more minimal, but it’s definitely sexy—notice the hint of the leather pants and the fabulous Christian Louboutin heels. The coat is tailored perfection. She looks completely pulled together without looking fussy.

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I’m dying over the adorable EmersonMade’s spotted coat. Love it!


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Speaking of dying…this must be Chanel heaven! I would take any one of these gorgeous bags.

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If that assortment of bags was Chanel heaven, this might just be shoe heaven. There are pairs in every color under the rainbow.


Which of these looks or collections most strikes your fancy?

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Anonymous said...

ooo! Those are such great images! I love all the Chanel!

Rue Le Chat said...

I just bought a Tory Burch clutch that I have been crushing on, but nothing can compare to Chanel. Swoon.

Annie said...

Loving those first few outfits. That white coat is so chic, and Emerson Made can do no wrong in my book!

p-l-a-i-d said...

That first image is fabulous! It makes such a difference getting dressed up!

One Stylish Day at a Time said...

This just reminds me how much I want an Hermes belt! Love them.

The enchanted home said...

Love the first picture and the Chanel heaven picture.....LOVE!!!!!

Paula said...

Where can I find that necklace in the first photo with the Hermes belt!?!?! I am searching and searching and I cannot find anything...please help!

Katie said...

Those white pants in the first picture are perfection. I have been looking for the perfect white pants for years! I am also crushing on the spotted coat - it's chic without looking too Cruella Devile.

The Golden Girls said...

totally repinned the first image on pinterest :) AMAZING!

The Golden Girls


Simone said...

First look is great, classic!!!

Tanja Ayesha said...

AMAZING pictures. I love the chanel picture and the one with the shoes. Love pinterest:)