Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beautifully Organized: The Lingerie Drawer

Hello my dears! Arianna of Arianna Belle Organized Interiors here! This week we're taking a look at the lingerie drawer.

A few tips for getting it beautifully organized:
  • Get rid of undergarments that don't fit you properly, are uncomfortable, and/or are worn out. In other words, out go the pieces that you never wear or feel good wearing. They're just cluttering up your drawer and getting in the way of being able to easily find the pieces you do wear. Bras in good condition can be recycled here.
  • Sort the keepers by type: bras, undies, camisoles, etc.
  • well as by function: everyday, fancy, etc.
  • You can also sort by color, if that's something you consider when selecting what to wear: nude, black, brights, etc.
  • Arrange based on frequency of use. Everyday undergarments need to be the most easily accessible, so they should be up front or in the most easy to reach drawer. Pieces you only use once in awhile, such as for a certain occasion or with a particular type of clothing, can go in the back or in a less accessible drawer.
  • Use dividers to keep everything sorted and in place within the drawer. Be sure to first look at what you have, and measure the height, width and depth of your drawer(s) before buying anything! A few options:

interlocking drawer organizers

linen drawer organizer, linus closet drawer organizer, skubb storage set (<I use these in my own drawers)

Hope you found the tips useful!

Til next time - happy organizing!


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Jalon Burton said...

What a fantastic post! Don't you just love when something is so organized that it makes life just a little bit more easier? Thanks for the great tips!
P.S. “I "tagged" you today on my post...stop by for a look!”

Tina Ramchandani said...

I've been meaning to organize my drawers for a while now. Thanks for the tips!

Caitlin said...

This seems much better than my current system of throwing everything together in one messy drawer. Great post :)

-Caitlin @ Reverie to Reality

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

Thanks for the reminder and all the great tips! Not sure why, but this currently has to be the worst organized drawer in my home.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Fab post, now I realize that my drawers are a hot mess and need some purging & organizing. Looks like I have plans for the weekend now, thanks for all of the tips. :)

style theories said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could keep my drawers that organized :)

claudia b said...

this is great - I am actually going bra shopping tonight :D

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

I love these tips! I definitely need to go through my lingerie drawers and get rid of the things I don't wear anymore. Great post, Arianna!

Julia said...

This is such a beautiful post and great inspiration for many of us (myself included). I would like to offer a small tip of advice though. After working in the designer lingerie industry for years, I learned that you shouldn't fold padded or cupped bras in half and push one cup inside the other. Over time, the cup that is being squashed to fit inside the other will develop wrinkles that will show through your clothing. Lace bras can be stored folded in half but t-shirt type bras should be laid out and stacked on top of each other. Hope this helps!

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

I once read that you should pack all the underwear you're meaning to throw away for which case you'd wear once, throw them out and use it to it's fullest potential! Perfect for those peeps who don't wanna waste any last bit! Awesome tips, those little accordian sections are ingenious!

Peace. Love. LOL!


Proper Hunt said...

Thanks for this post! I was just telling my husband that we'll need to get some kind of drawer organizer for our nursery dresser. These options are perfect!

Justine {Stop Me if You've Heard This One} said...

I don't know why it has taken me so long to take the plunge into drawer organizers (I HATE opening messy drawers), but I think you've finally convinced me. Making a trip to IKEA this weekend!

Maria said...

Cute solution to keep them organized. Looks clever, I'll try to do some diy craftsmanship :)

Stefanie Grace said...

I love this! It's such a fabulous idea! Not sure I'll ever have the patience to get mine sorted though! But I SHOULD!