Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream Home: Luella and June

Let’s give a big welcome to the lovely, Bradley of Luella and June who is sharing the gorgeous home of her dreams with us today! Enjoy!
Luella and June
Hi! Bradley from Luella & June here, and I'm so excited to be sharing my dream home with all of you here on La Dolce Vita. Let's take a tour, shall we?
Come on in! This front door just so feels so welcoming. A home's front door really makes the first impression, you know? I think it's important to make it special - make it your own.
I love the layering here. The oversized full-length mirror really opens up this entry way, and the white console table place in front of it is perfect. I might re-upholster that bench in a different pattern (zebra is not my preference), but the peonies are there to stay. There's nothing I like more than a vase of pink peonies to greet me when I arrive home.
My culinary skills currently don't extend much farther than chocolate chip cookies in the oven, but in this dream kitchen of mine I would certainly be cooking up a storm. My family always seems to gather in the kitchen and this one is the perfect size for everyone to hang out in. Not to mention, I love how bright and white it is! 
Since I'd be cooking so often in my fab kitchen, I would need an equally fab dining room in which to eat all my good food. This room with it's bold pattern and lacquered chairs would do just fine.
Moving along now to the living room... is there anything better than high ceilings like these? I like my living to feel cozy and inviting - not too formal. The details in this room are exquisite.
If you know me, then you know that nothing gets me more excited than lucite. I die over these lucite handrails. Wouldn't you love to glide your hands along these while walking up the stairs?
Guest Room
White bedrooms feel so serene. In order to break it up a bit though (too much white starts to feel clinical), I would throw some bold patterns (á la Missoni) in there and then, of course, the finishing touch: an Hermés Avalon blanket.
What kid doesn't dream about bunk beds like these?
Cozy and chic with just enough of a feminine touch. This bed makes me want to curl up in it - and the drapery is blackout, of course!
Oh, this closet. How dreamy... a center island for all of my baubles, plenty of hanging space, and, naturally, a cubby for each pair of shoes.
Back downstairs now... a library to house all of my books. And bright blue shelves at that! This room is so comfortable. I adore all of the eclectic touches (the blue velvet cushion on the brown leather arm chairs!). My family would gather in here for game nights and to watch movies.
Right past the library, you'll find my office. I spend so much time in this room,  I need plenty of natural light and access to my backyard.
Speaking of backyard, here it is! The pool is long enough to swim laps, and we have plenty of benches off to the side for people to get some sun. The best part? The outdoor patio in the corner there. We'll spend many a wine-filled night in there with family and friends.


Chelsea said...

Bradley, you had me at the rose trellis. Gorgeous dream home. xo

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

Love her picks! Especially that kid's room and the dining room. So pretty!



Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

Love all of this! I love the white kitchen and the dining room walls. The lucite railing is perfect!

Unknown said...

Oh this is gorgeous! Love the first exterior shot, the backyard, the master bedroom and that lucite railing- delish!

graceful216 said...

I love every room of this dream home. Fabulous!

Karena said...

Bradley my favorite s are the Master and the Living Room, so inviting!

Art by Karena

Alex said...

such a great selection of pictures! I love every room!

Casa Très Chic said...

Your dream home is fabulous.
Lots of black and white with splashes of color it's something I love.
Beautiful images, the blue library is gorgeous, too.
Warm hugs from Brasil.

Stefanie Grace said...

This is amazing!! Love it so much! Especially the closet and the library area! :)

Unknown said...

Lovely! Although each room is basically white, the pops of color make it so fun..Even the backyard: a white house with green and the blue pool water, so beautiful!


Lisa Mende said...

love the dining room and the front door with roses!

Collections said...

I'm lusting over all of this right now. The backyard, the closet those bunkbeds!


Jacquelyn {The 20 Something Society} said...

Bradley - love all of your gorgeous picks!

Taylor said...

so gorgeous! i'd love to love here - love lots of white as well.

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller said...

I love the dining room!



Lia said...

my pictures folder is getting quite a boost today! i loveee that guest room! my perfect room would have crisp white bedding and bright missoni accents too! (although i'll probably settle for homemade zigzag pillows :)

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S said...

Home sweet homeeeeee!!!!!