Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Emerson Fry's Chic Warm Spring 2014 Collection

I remember back when Emerson Fry was EmersonMade, a line of tabletop accessories and handmade flower pins reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw which eventually went on to launch a clothing line in 2010. Fast forward about four years and Emerson Fry has evolved into an ultra-chic contemporary line. The collection is tight, cohesive, and well-edited with a classic color palette and distinct point of view. There are so many pieces in her current collection that I absolutely adore. While I am usually more of a maximalist and love my accessories, the 2014 Warm Spring Emerson Fry Collection has inspired me to pare things back and try out a sleeker approach. This season, I especially love the shoes which have a 70s inspired vibe, especially the Italian Slappers. My friend wore them in Caramello in High Point and they were super chic. She said they were quite comfortable as well, which is always a plus. The pieces in this collection are versatile and timeless—the kind of clothes you’ll wear forever. Each piece, like the Emerson Fry girl is chic, effortless, and cool. Do you gravitate towards this sleek, chic, pared-down aesthetic?


piccolinas said...

Hi Paloma, I too swoon over the whole collection!! I was wondering about those slapper shoes, though, how do you keep them on? :)
Love your blog and read it daily.

Paloma Contreras said...

Thank you for the kind words, Piccolina!

You know, the slappers are really just like slide sandals. My friend seemed to walk really comfortably in them all day and we were on our feet for a good 10 hours that day.

Miss Sophisticate said...

I was just commenting during #StyleChat today on Twitter, how much I am in love with Emerson's collection. I tend to gravitate toward that style anyways, but she's great at creating a refreshing take on the minimalist/French look. I love all of it, thanks for sharing the pictures - it's always fun (and dangerous) to see the looks again! xo

Terri of said...

Hi Paloma!
I remember Emerson Made ;)
Love her and her little dog Pedro. She is so talented and it is fabulous to see her collections evolving. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next season!

Carol Maryott said...

Hi Paloma,

Let me know if you get the Emerson Fry slapper sandal and if it is comfortable at $295.00- should be like walkin on air. I have been researching tan leather wedge slides and found the Tommy Bahama line. I just received my online order and am very happy. I see there is a new St. Santino style that looks similar to the ones I ordered. I love the slapper look but the price ? Love your post however and good to see this line offspring fashion.
Thanks for this fun, informative post !