Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Few Project Sneak Peeks

Paloma Contreras Design
{My Home}
Last week, we had a couple of photo shoots at my house which has made for a few crazy weeks getting things just right. I shared a couple of sneak peeks on Instagram, but wanted to be sure to share them here as well in case you aren’t following me on Instagram yet. I’ll be sure to share more photos once the feature is published, but these couple of photos should give you a feel for my home’s current look. In addition, I’ve been busy working on a few design projects for clients that are coming together quite beautifully. They are all slightly different from one another which is super fun since it allows me to explore a few different styles.
Paloma Contreras Design | Tulip Table, Bamboo Chairs, Hydrangeas, Gold
{I recently redesigned my breakfast room. I removed my Extra Large Hicks Pendant and replaced it with a new chandelier, added a marble-topped tulip table along with some bamboo chairs. This room is my latest obsession! I am so happy with how it’s come together. The whole space feels so different now thanks to a few small changes.}
Paloma Contreras | Flowers | La Dolce Vita
{One of my favorite treats is keeping fresh flowers at home and anytime a photo shoot rolls around, I end up arranging a ton of them!}
Paloma Contreras Design
{One of my latest projects includes this master bedroom. The client wanted something that feels a bit more modern than what they currently have, while maintaining a traditional, romantic essence. I selected some beautiful fabrics in both neutrals and pale lavender along with some furniture that my clients loved. I can’t wait to see this room come together along with the major overhaul we are doing in the master bathroom!}
Paloma Contreras Design
{This project is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The house is 90 years old and has tons of character and my client has great style, so we are working with a really good foundation. My client loves color and pattern as much as I do, so we’ve been able to use some really fun fabrics, wallpaper, and furniture.}
Paloma Contreras Design | Paloma's Dog, Tate via La Dolce Vita
{This rug is for another project in which we are using a really cool mix of mid-century pieces and ethnic textiles, bold colors, and some really unique furniture throughout the house. I’m super excited about this particular project as well! How insane is this antique kilim rug from Turkey?}
Paloma Contreras Design | Glamorous Dining Room | Venetian Mirror | Farrow & Ball Wallpaper | Visual Comfort Mercury Glass Lamps | Ralph Lauren Adrianna Chandelier
{This project has been my biggest to date—a 6,000 square foot remodel and complete decorating job, so we have been working on it since last summer. We are getting very close to the finish line and things are coming together quite beautifully. This particular client is a young divorcee who wanted her house to be completely feminine and glamorous as you can tell from her dining room pictured above which features Farrow & Ball Wallpaper, an oversized Venetian mirror, and beautiful lighting.}
Paloma Contreras Design | Powder Room | Phillip Jeffries Metallic Grasscloth | Marble Sink | Basketweave Tile
{I am in love with all of the bathrooms I designed for this house, especially this pretty powder room with metallic grasscloth wallpaper and classic plumbing fixtures and lighting.}
Paloma Contreras Design | AERIN Vestry Chandelier | Crystal, Brass
{This AERIN Vestry Chandelier is in the breakfast room. This house has the most spectacular lighting in just every room. Please ignore the missing bulbs as I snapped this photo as the electrician was still “dressing” this beauty!}
Paloma Contreras' Cockapoo Tate via La Dolce Vita         {I realize I haven’t featured Tate on the blog in a long time. My sweet boy just turned five on March 20th. He has been such an amazing addition to our lives. He is so loyal and loving and makes everyday much more fun. We love this little muffin!}
Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more project sneak peeks! If you would like more information on my interior design services, please visit my website.


Sarah @ 702 Park Project said...

Your taste really is impeccable! I can't find a single thing in any of the photos I don't love!! Can't wait to see your finished projects! :)

Jessica said...

How is Tate doing? I remember you saying that he was sick a while back. Hope all is well with him!

Unknown said...

Sarah@702 Park Project-- Thank you so much! That means a lot. XO

Jessica-- Thank you for asking about Tate. He recently had a rough week with an ear infection and some tummy issues, but he is doing much better. We had to modify his lifestyle after his injury in the fall, so he no longer gets to jump on furniture, but it has made a huge difference. He seems to be back to normal and we didn't have to put him through a really difficult surgery thankfully.

Lily L-M said...

I mean, just so excited about everything here! Love, love the marble tulip table. Happy birthday to Tate! Can't wait to see more!

xo Lily

Hurbie said...

Such impressive projects! You should be so proud!

preppylove said...

Beautiful!! I really love the top photo!

The enchanted home said...

So many wonderful and beautiful projects in the works...bathroom is gorgeous!!

Laurel said...

Gorgeous rooms Paloma! Can't wait to see more! xo, Laurel

peggybraswell said...

beautiful boards + can't wait to see some more. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Chandler said...

What kind of dog is Tate? He is adorable!

franki durbin said...

The Aerin chandelier is perfection. Aren't you happy you launched your design business officially? So much fun to exercise your design talent in the real world. Beautiful selections!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, everyone!

@Chandler, Tate is a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix). We are so in love with him. He is super sweet and affectionate, very intelligent, and spunky. He's pretty allergy friendly, too. Most dogs make my allergies act up, but I can snuggle with Tate and bury my nose in his fur and feel totally fine.

Unknown said...

Wow, I just love everything!
I wouldn't dare to eat om the table though, it looks so precious and beautiful! :)

Tate is just adorable!