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Monday, December 16, 2013

Style Profile: Laura Tutun

laura tutun21 {A Beautiful Bedroom by Laura Tutun | Image by Jane Beiles}
Have I told you lately how much I love Pinterest? I always manage to find some time in the evenings to pin new things and draw inspiration for myself there. Oftentimes, blog posts are born from the common threads that I notice in my recent pins. Pinterest is amazing for a few more reasons: I have been hired for local design jobs because of my Pinterest profile (be sure to utilize this powerful tool to its potential!); Last week, I reached 120,000 followers on Pinterest, so a big thank you to all of you who follow me there; and lastly, I love coming across inspiring new images, especially from designers I wasn’t previously familiar with. After nearly seven years of blogging, that is a rare and wonderful thing!
This weekend, I came a cross an image of an interesting roman shade treatment and when I clicked through, I was treated to the beautiful portfolio of Laura Tutun. Tutun is based in Rye, New York and founded her design firm in 2005 after working as Director of Product Development for Ralph Lauren Home for ten years. I was immediately drawn to her work because our tastes are so similar. I gravitate towards similar color palettes—soothing grays, rich browns, metallic accents, and pops of color. Her style is a great mix of traditional silhouettes with modern accents. I love that she can mix various styles and periods in a single room and have it come together so perfectly. I am especially enamored with the fact that she always seems to add at least one bold element in a room whether it’s a stunning chinoiserie accent wall, a beautiful window treatment, or a chic lighting fixture. I look forward to seeing more work from Tutun in the years to come. Until then, I will draw inspiration from these beautiful images of her past projects.
laura tutun23 {I love the calm color palette in this bedroom. This is proof that a neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring. The Chinoiserie wallpapered accent wall is divine, the furniture pieces are each quite interesting, and the roman shades and bedding are at once classic and modern. |  Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun22 {A Close-Up of the Bedding (I’m pretty sure it’s Leontine Linens) and the Parsons-Style Bedside Table | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun24
{Another Beatuiful Bedroom with a Chinoiserie Wallpapered Accent Wall, This Time in a Vivid Shade of Green—So pretty and fresh! | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun26  Lovely Dressing Room with a Cozy Built-In Window Seat | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun27 {Neutral Bedroom with a Custom Headboard}
laura tutun28 {How pretty are these framed Chinoiserie panels on top of the grasscloth wallcovering? I love that they wallpapered the ceiling, too.}
laura tutun29 {Pretty Bedroom Details}
laura tutun30 {The bedding in this little girl’s room is so lovely. I love that she matched Kelly Wearstler’s Fern pattern on the roman shades and throw pillows.}
laura tutun32 {The cabinetry in this bathroom is stunning. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun33 {How fabulous is this powder room? Laura let me know that it isn't wallpaper, but rather a mural painted by hand. Amazing, isn't it? | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun {Sleek Living Room | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun2 {I adore this entry vignette.The juxtaposition of the wood from the antique cabinet mixed with the gold of the mirror and accessories and the marble lamp and obelisks is so good. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun3 {This rich chocolate brown living room features an interesting mix of seating.}
laura tutun9 {Tutun opted for another accent wall, this time in this chic dining room. The cherry blossom branches are so simple, but add a lovely, glamorous touch to the space. I love that she paired such a traditional dining table and chairs with a modern, edgy chandelier and rug. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun11
{Another Glimpse into this Gorgeous Dining Room | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun12 {In this breakfast room, Tulun paired a studded grasscloth wallpaper with a custom dining banquette in Kelly Wearstler’s Bengal Bazaar. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun14 {I love the chic simplicity of this kitchen. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun16{This kitchen, which appears to be in a pool house, feels very in line with the “safari chic” Ralph Lauren lifestyle. It’s clean and sleek with a few warm, organic accents like the wood and nickel hurricanes on the counter, the chandelier overhead, and the baskets in the corner. | Image by Jane Beiles}
laura tutun15 {This was the photo that I came across on Pinterest that lead me to Tutun’s website. Aren’t these roman shades fabulous? The pup who gets to hang out in this space is one lucky pooch!}
laura tutu17 {Tutun and I also seem to share a love of Greek Key which she expresses through a graphic rug in this office area along with a custom Greek Key roman shade—yet another amazing window treatment! | Image by Jane Beiles}
I couldn’t help but share so many beautiful images from Tutun’s  fantastic portfolio as each space was even better than the last. Which of these rooms is your favorite?
{Image Credit as Noted in Post: Jane Beiles}


Katy Byrne said...

That agate slice wallcovering is insane. Such great detail work.


Unknown said...

Her work is amazing...everything is so chic! What a gorgeous portfolio!


I went on her website the other day and fell in love! She reminds me of Palmer Weiss. I was super inspired!!!

Francine Gardner said...

Very nice style with great details.
120,000 followers!!!! that is amazing. I pin every morning and love finding new inspirations. I use pinterest as a great work tool for my Design Business, Alas i am terrible at social media. Need to find a consultant to hol my hand and show me the ropes...

COCOCOZY said...

Love the green wallpaper!


Unknown said...

I love when rooms (bedrooms and bathrooms especially) have a serenity and freshness to them. It can brighten your whole day.

Maggie A

Cindy Albert said...

Amazing window treatments!