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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dissecting the Details: Ashley Whittaker

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, back with an installment of Dissecting the Details. Today I'm sharing the foyers designed by Ashley Whittaker. Entryways present an opportunity to really make a statement for the whole home - and Ashley uses every opportunity to the fullest! Let's dissect 4 key elements that she incorporates in her spaces:

I'd have to say this is quite possibly my favorite foyer look to date - a round central table creates the perfect opportunity for a fabulous vignette. Be it with flowers, books, or sculptures, it's a look that always seems grand and captivating.

Whether they are Chinoiserie garden-stools, or a pair of chic X-benches, this look provides balance and symmetry. And it's a practical addition as well; a spot to perch or to place your things as you come in the door!

There's nothing quite like good bones. It sets the tone for the rest of the home and is the perfect back-drop to any entry way furniture. LOVE the grid paneling in the examples above.

The entry way can be seen as a perfect spot for a POP of whimsy, and Ashley carries this through with such sophistication. Bold paper is eye catching and certainly will leave your neighbours curiously wanting to see more.

And there you have it, a few key features that Ashley Whittaker uses in her entryway design and décor. Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season!


Unknown said...

I love A.W.'s work. I just received my January issue of Southern Living which showcases a townhouse she designed. It's the perfect mix of classic and tropical. Looking around at the holiday decor that needs to come down, I'm ready to move there!

Anonymous said...

Terrific, absolutely terrific. Every picture spot on. The first chance I get I'm going to paint a floor black and put those gold diagonals on it. Fabulous. Great post Christmas post. Ann

Emma said...

Ashley also has a knack for finding great lighting. Love that chandelier in the first photo, plus those table lamps on the table with the white coral statues. Thanks for sharing!

preppylove said...

I'm loving the round table with coffee tables books!

Brandyn said...

Love the work of Ashley Whittaker. Really enjoyed this post ~

Unknown said...

It's all so yummy. I too, love the round table because it's inviting and practical at the same time. Great post. Keep them coming.