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Monday, August 12, 2013

Modern Style Icon: Rachel Zoe


rachel zoe 19

I have been a fan of Rachel Zoe’s since the first season of her show. Her over the top personality is infectious while her drive and determination as a businesswoman are inspiring. I always enjoyed seeing the fun she had with Rodger, her staff, and then with her sweet baby, Skyler—all of which typically resulted in an assortment of “Zoeisms” such as “bananas”, “shut it down”, “I die”, “Major”, “Maje”, “I meeaann…”, various things being “everything” and so on. Through all of the entertaining moments, Rachel continued to solidify her reputation as a stylist and fashion designer, expanding her roster of celebrity clients which includes Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, and Cameron Diaz to name a few, launching her own label, showing at New York Fashion Week, and partnering with various fashion brands for endorsement deals. While Rachel’s style has evolved since we first got to know her on season one of The Rachel Zoe Project, she has always maintained a cool, bohemian aesthetic with a major dose of glamour. I love that Rachel is surrounded by fashion on a daily basis, but she remains true to who she is and what she loves when it comes to her style. She doesn’t dress for comfort or practicality, but rather, dresses to suit her moods and how she wants to feel. After all, her motto is “be glamorous everyday”!

rachel zoe

  {In one of her Signature Maxi Dresses with a Wide-Brimmed Hat, Sunglasses, and Baby Skyler at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic}

rachel zoe2

{Rachel in a Great Pair of Trousers and a Glamorous Top—I do think her pants are usually a tad too long, but she is the expert.}

rachel zoe3

{I love this maxi dress paired with a leather blazer. So chic!}

rachel zoe4 

{Rachel loves her sky-high platform heels! I’ve read that she is 5’8”, which is the same height as me, but I always get the feeling that she is petite on television. At 5’8” with tall heels, she would be towering over everyone. Have any of you ever seen her in person?}

rachel zoe 5

{No one does Boho Glam quite like Rachel.}

rachel zoe6 {A Wide-Brimmed hat, Sunnies, Straight Hair, and a few of Rachel’s Casual Style Staples: A Long Tee, Great Jacket, and Flare Jeans}

rachel zoe 8 {Rachel in another Great Maxi Dress}

rachel zoe 7 {I love this chic summer look!}

rachel zoe 9 {Rachel Running Errands in L.A.}

rachel zoe 10 {Rachel wearing a Fabulous Jacket and a Necklace from her Collection}

rachel zoe 11

{I loved when Rachel got bangs on the last season of The Rachel Zoe Project. They really soften her look.}

rachel zoe 12 {Tres chic!}

rachel zoe and rodger berman

{I love this shot of Rachel and Rodger. She looks beautiful with her messy fishtail braid, flawless make-up, and great black dress.}

rachel zoe 15 {Rachel and Rachel Zoe VP, Mandana Dayani, both wearing Rachel Zoe}

rachel zoe 17 {Rachel in a few more of her Style Staples: Oversized Sunglasses, Faux Fur, and a Fabulous Handbag}






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Hannah said...

She is amazing.

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Karena said...

Every image of her is gorgeous Paloma. I realize that I love her in straight hair. It brings out her beauty more for some reason. I used to wear my trousers longer like three pairs of linen, silk, and cotton blend with flair leg. I could NEVER get the hems clean!

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Unknown said...

it's a great article love it, Thanks for sharing this. bookmarking your blog as we speak lol xx
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Anonymous said...

I met her once at the Chateau Marmont and she's about 5'8 with heels on. She's a tiny little thing - tiny and fabulous!

Sarah said...

Love this post...she is definitely a style icon! Does anyone else notice that she never shows her bare legs? Is that just me?

Unknown said...

my Goodness that baby is ALLL Roger lol. Love Rachel Zoe

The enchanted home said...

I have to agree she has amazing style...I love that it appears effortless but is so chic. Funny at first I wasn't a fan but she won me over and that Skyler is way too cute!!

Nanette Baker said...

Great Shots! I love Rachel!

ivefla said...

I like her style but for me her body does no look healthy.