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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flare Leg Jeans: Yes or No?

Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
As much as I love a pair of skinny jeans or slim-fitting trousers for the fact that they go with just about everything and you can wear any type of show with them, my favorite style of jeans is hands-down—the flare. Flare leg jeans are super flattering and are so easy to wear, at least for us tall girls. They have been my go-to style for ages. I am so happy to see a major resurgence going on. Skinny jeans have gotten all the glory over the past few years. Skinnies have been to flares what New York is to Chicago or Dallas is to Houston. Sure, the former may be all shiny and gets more attention, but the latter is just, if not more awesome! If you love to wear heels and are a girl with curves, no style of jeans is more flattering. So, we all know that flare leg jeans are a must-have for me. How about you? Are flares a yes or a no?
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita #leopard #celine
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita  
Snip20130728_1 Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
Flare Jeans via La Dolce Vita
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paperjunk-lc said...

Can I get an amen for flared jeans. They are flatter so many more body types.

Anonymous said...


Ali Burtt said...

Yes! Flare jeans are so much more flattering on us curvy girls. I can do the skinny thing, but only for very casual outfits. Flares just seem so much more versatile. Love your picks--time to get a new pair!

Meaghan [for a song] said...

a definite yes! I have a pair of J Brands with just the right amount of stretch, they're glorious. And I agree, if you're curvy (which I am) skinnies can be less flattering than one would hope. I might have to try a few of these brands you mention

Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse} said...

I love flares! I was ecstatic when the started coming back.

Jenna said...

I live for the flare. They are perfect for gals with a little curve in the thigh area. It totally balances us out.

Paula from said...

But of course, and you don't even have to be tall -- just wear them long with a heel!

Madeline {elle + j} said...

I love flare jeans!! They are my fav. I think they are so flattering!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Flare jeans? Yes, please. Skinny jeans are good for boots or flip flops, but that's about it. Gap Long and Lean jeans are my go-to favorites ... they fit me perfectly and they look good with EVERYTHING! I'm wearing a pair right now, in fact.

Erin Hodges said...

Big fan of the flare!

Pyarandco said...

Absolutely Flare and a crazy, high wedge-- count me in! Love this post! I Die for the Rachel Zoe flares!

Anonymous said...

Flare jeans, definite YES! It makes anyone's legs so long and pretty :)

Anonymous said...

I love flare jeans! There is something so polished and put together about a pair of dark rinse flares. I love it!


Reese Carrozzini said...

I agree! Flare jeans look the most elegant compared to all the other styles!

Have a lovely day!

Nina L-M said...

I recently stocked up on flared jeans as I was getting a little tired of skinnies. I'm curvy and while I like to think I look like kate moss in skinnies, I know I don't. Flared jeans are so much more flattering!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes!!

Anonymous said...

YEEEESSSS for flares! I used to fantasize about my ideal type of pant/jean when I was a tween/teen & when they came out in the 90's it was love as first sight; it was as if someone had heard my prayers :)
Now, no offense to anyone, but I think skinnies don't look good unless you're between a size 2 & a 6. Personally, I'm a 00-0 & they look horrific on me. They accentuate every single bonny part of my legs & hips. If you're too skinny, your legs will look like 2 sticks & if your legs are on the bigger spectrum, they make them look like sausages. A flared jean (especially a dark one) will always look more elegant and work-appropriate for casual Fridays, IMHO.