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Monday, August 5, 2013

Las Vegas Market Recap

{Beautiful Bedroom Vignette at Stanley Furniture}

I spent all of last week in Las Vegas checking out their big furniture market thanks to my friends at Stanley Furniture. I have been working on some projects with them for a few months now and they invited me to check out the market as their guest. Every market I have been to-- High Point, New York International Gift Fair, and now Las Vegas has its own distinct personality. The Las Vegas market is pretty big, but definitely feels different than High Point. However, it's difficult to match the accommodations, dining, and entertainment options that Vegas has in High Point, North Carolina!

The market is housed in three buildings and because I had several days to cover the market, I was able to cover a ton of ground. It doesn't seem like as many bloggers and designers that I know go to Vegas market, but I did run into a few friends-- Crystal Palecek from Rue, Jill Seidner  from Material Girls, Richard Morales, Kishani Perera, and Mallory Evans from Luxe Magazine. Visual Comfort just debuted a new, permanent Las Vegas showroom at this market so it was great to see my old crew and to get to spend some quality time with my hubby in Vegas including a date night with dinner at Andrea's at Wynn's Encore (amazing!) and Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson One. It was such a fun night! Anyhow, if you've ever been to any market, you know that there is SO much to see. These are just a few of my favorite finds.

{Charleston Regency Dining Room at Stanley Furniture}

{I love this red bachelor's chest from Stanley's gorgeous new Charleston Regency collection. I love every piece!}

{Fabulous Finds at Julian Chichester/Mr. Brown}

{Beautiful Pieces at Tara Shaw Maison}

{Navy and Gold Goodness at Worlds Away}

{Noir has such a great mix of industrial meets continental vintage style.}

{Interesting Plaster Pieces at Noir}

{Jaipur had so many fabulous rugs. I found options for every design project I am currently working on. This wool/silk ikat rug was my absolute favorite. It is such a gorgeous neutral.}

{Barbara Barry Reflection Pendant at Visual Comfort}

{Global Views had a lot of chic casegoods including this piece.}

{I loved these gilded side tables at Safavieh.}

{I am obsessed with all things Waylande Gregory, so I was in heaven when I stumbled upon their booth and discovered that the company is based in Houston!}

{Chic Dining Table and Chairs at Brownstone}

{A Great, Little Faux Bamboo Chair at Blue Ocean Traders}

{Malachite Mirror at Madegoods}

{Wendover Art Group had some amazing artwork. I fell in love with several indigo pieces including this diptych.}

{These abstracts are also pretty fabulous!}

{Jonathan Adler's booth is always a fun stop. I am in love with these Lucite and brass etageres.}

{Mitchell Black is a really cool line that I spotted for the first time at this market. They have great designs that span a line of stationery, artwork encased in Lucite, and tabletop items.}

{I was so happy to see Plat du Jour at the show after seeing them at the NYIGF last summer. They've added a ton of new colors and designs to their line of chic, disposable placemats.}

{Las Vegas is like Disneyland for adults. Everything is over the top and a lot borders on tacky. However, there are definitely some chic spots to be found including the dining room at Public House at the Venetian.}

{Andrea's at Encore is beautifully designed. It's glamorous and sexy, yet maintains the perfect amount of restraint. The food is absolutely delicious and the service is unparalleled-- completely attentive and personalized. It was the total opposite of the awful experience we had at Nobu the night before.}

{Sadly, not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Poor Fabian injured his foot on Sunday, his first day in Vegas. He had to work the show and was subsequently on his injured foot all day everyday, until I finally convinced him to go to the emergency room on Thursday. It turns out he has Plantar Fasciitis and he has to wear this awful boot for a while. He's been doing some stretches and icing his foot, but it is nearly impossible to get him to stay off of it since he usually finds it impossible to sit still. Has anyone been though this before? Any advice?}

9 comments: said...

Very nice report. I enjoyed your take on the Vegas Market. Thanks

Capella said...

I think I may have to make a trip to this market next year. I love Vegas - in occasional small doses and love the work-play combo. xo

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I worked for Laura U as an intern this summer and all the designers and Laura went to the LV market -- I was so jealous! Seemed like a fabulous time!!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Thanks for the recap! I love the new pieces I'm seeing in your photos.

Unknown said...

Great recap and exciting stuff!

For Fabian's foot go see a sports doctor/physical therapist. A boot will not cure plantar fascitis, assuming that's what it really is. In the meantime he can get a frozen juice can and roll his foot on it...sometimes that will help, but really go see a professional. I'm a longtime runner and have seen my fair share of injuries. Good Luck, those boots are annoying!


Scribbler said...

Loved the photos!

I had plantar fasciitis once, ironically from walking all day at market in high heels.

Ice and staying off the foot are the best treatments, but I know a couple of people who got cortisone injections in the foot when they could not stay off their feet.

Tammy Culpepper said...

Loved all of your pics from market. I hope to make it there eventually. I also can't wait to hear what you have brewing with Stanley furniture.

Poor Fabian! I have PF and it is horrible and very painful!! I actually had cortisone injections and took an anti-inflammatory for a month. Having good custom inserts for your shoes is key as well as taking a break from long distance walking or running. I hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Professionally made orthotics are the cure for PF. Not sure about that boot!

Unknown said...

My mother-in-law has PF and her doctor recommended arch support shoe inserts.