Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Favorite Room: Bailey McCarthy

OHay there Paloma! Fancy seeing you here.

Moving three times in as many years, I have had a different favorite room in each home. We moved into our new house in Houston two months ago, and my favorite room changes every time we finally unpack a box or install a curtain. My current favorite room is our guest room because 1. It is finished (for now) unlike the wreck of the rest of the house 2. It is the first room to receive Biscuit bedding & 3. It really represents what has come to be my design philosophy of investing in great pieces when you can, and keeping them forever- using them in different ways each time you "redecorate".

Biscuit is the store and bedding line I started early this year with two of my girlfriends as a line that would bring a high end designer look to a more attainable price point- starting with our bedding line. We designed the prints in our line inspired by the style and personality of various people we love and admire. It feels surreal remembering the initial sketches of each design, watching the prints go through production at the factory, and now dressing my own personal bed!

I originally dreamed up the design for this room when I was pregnant and convinced we were having a boy. Even though we had a precious little girl instead, I still wanted to use the design in our home. The inspiration started with this Ralph Lauren constellation wallpaper that I had been holding on to forever.

The stars glow in the dark, which makes for the most magical bedtime. We had a version of this room in our last house in Austin, but the light fixture was flush mount and didn't charge the wallpaper enough so the stars didn't really sparkle with their true splendor. I also find that each time we move, rather than completely redecorate, I sort of re-imagine the same room and add another layer of love. The rooms (to me) only keep getting better with each iteration. They become more "us" and less designed.

This go around I reused our pendleton blanket, and added in biscuit sheets & shams in our white with red trim accent, Jamie boudoirs, and Paul duvet cover in our taupe color way. We also added some punchier lamps, and accessories. The side tables Pete and I actually bought on our honeymoon. They were in our kitchen in Chicago, and then family room in Austin, and now here. The headboard is the same Pottery Barn piece we had in Chicago & Austin. The light fixture was a 21st Birthday gift from my mom and was in my living room in college, guest room in Chicago and Austin, and now here. The rug was in our Chicago living room, and Austin family room. The solar system art was purchased for this room in our Austin house from Mecox.

I love that this room really represents my design philosophy of investing in great pieces when you can, and you will have them forever. The only new items in this room are the lamps, and some of the bedding, and yet it has a totally different fresh feel. Or at least I hope it does!

Thanks for having me, Paloma- and for motivating me to get this room picture ready! My in-laws will thank you when they come to visit from Christmas.


Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love the wallpaper. And the pendelton blanket mixed with more formal bedding is genius. Bailey knows her stuff!

Kim @ Home Love and Wanderlust said...

That light fixture is spectacular! I also really love the Pendelton blanket and the wallpaper. All kinds of goodness happening here!

Anonymous said...

Where is the light fixture from?! I love it!!

bakeshoppe said...

It looks like the previous commentators are probably correctly, That's excellent, continue to keep it right up I am having a look intended for the latest blog! furniture restoration

Bailey@peppermintbliss said...

Thank you! I don't know where the fixture is from- sorry it was a gift 5 years ago!

Unknown said...

Hello! Love this room! Can you tell me the paint color on the walls? Is it navy?