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Monday, December 31, 2012

Love it in 2013, Leave it in 2012

Can you believe it’s the last day of the year? It’s been a pretty trying year for me personally between my health (two surgeries to remove TWO organs in just six months), the loss of my husband’s father and grandmother, and the stresses of juggling a few too many things at once. I am so ready to kiss 2012 goodbye and welcome a clean slate in 2013! On a much lighter note, it seems everyone has their own predictions on what will be big in the coming year and what should stay behind in the year that is ending, so I thought it would be fun to call upon some friends, who also happen to be a fabulous group of tastemakers in order to get their take on what they think will be huge next year and what they’d like to see fade away.
My personal take on what will get a lot of love in 2013? First off, I see a return to traditional style for interiors, architecture, and fashion. That’s not to say that it ever went away, but I think people are really ready to embrace classic, beautiful style again and give quirky, overly eclectic, and super modern a rest. Naturally, emerald will have a banner year as Pantone’s Color of the Year, but I also think it will be a big year for navy. I don’t think high gloss lacquer finishes are going anywhere yet and I certainly wouldn’t want them to! In pop culture and fashion, I predict that The Great Gatsby will reign supreme, which I love because I am currently obsessed with the Jazz Age. I also think this will be a huge year for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as we see Kate Middleton experience pregnancy and ultimately welcome a little royal bundle of joy. I am sure Kate will be as effortlessly stylish as ever and all eyes will be upon her and William’s sweet baby. I just hope that the paparazzi allow them to enjoy their privacy. I have a feeling Kate and her baby will be pursued even more than Princess Diana and her boys. Let’s see what everyone else has to say, shall we?

Paloma Contreras: What do you predict will be big in 2013?
Mark D. Sikes: In fashion- minimalism, a return to classics. And the return of strappy high heels a la Manolo Blahnik! Also, I’m loving a bob, the hairstyle that is. In terms of interiors- I’m obsessed with all shades of green! I’m loving celadon, moss, olive, citron, chartreuse- all lacquered of course. Mixed with my signature- blue and white ceramics. Actually the combination of blue and green is hands down my favorite thing right now. Because of the economic times, I foresee that people will be investing in quality not quantity.

Paloma Contreras: What do you think will be the major trends in 2013?

Sally Wheat: In 2013, I predict a resurgence in the color peach. It goes very well with the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald Green, and hasn't seen any love in quite a while. I also think burgundy could be a hot color in decorating because many times interiors follow the fashion trends. I think fur will continue to be big, as well as brass and mixing metals.

Paloma Contreras: What do you expect to see a lot of in 2013?

Erika Brechtel: Neutral texture and natural elements like animal furs and horns, woods, metals, stones and minerals (agate!) in neutral tones like black, white, ivory, brown, gray.

Paloma Contreras: What do you hope to see a lot of in the coming year?

Julie Richard: I predict that in 2013 you'll see interiors and fashion choices inspired by big films such as Baz Lurhmann's interpretation of F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. People's homes will look stylish but approachable and have a collected, evolved look. Mixed metals, an array of wood tones, and ethnic and deco inspired prints will be hot, as well as doses of glamour that include elements such as sequins and gold. Gorgeous color palettes that include multiple shades, and of course emerald, jade green and lavender hues will layer beautifully with these trends. In fashion, lady like glamour that mixes prints and textures inspired by the past will be layered with edgy details. Again, an unexpected array of colors such as blues, greens and red (especially for winter and fall) will trend. Black and White paired together will also remain very popular.

Paloma Contreras: What are you expecting to see in terms of color palettes in 2013?

Meg Lonergan: I think really neutral paint colors are totally going to be the trend in 2013, I find people are using more whites/ivory's/creams/pale grays on walls and adding color through upholstery and drapery.

Paloma Contreras: In your opinion, what will be huge in pop culture and fashion in 2013?

Jess Graves: I think fashion and culture in 2013 is going to continue nodding to the 90's - and I think we'll see the return of the supermodel.

Paloma Contreras: What are you hoping we’ll see more of 2013?

Lee Kleinhelter: I have really no idea of what will be "big" in 2013, but I know what I'd like more of... "Million Dollar Decorators"!

Paloma Contreras: So, now that we know what you are all looking forward to seeing more of in the coming year, I am dying to know—what would you like to leave behind in 2012?

Mark D. Sikes: Purple and anything that’s not pretty! I’m also praying that the whole eclectic, trendy, Hollywood Regency look fades away.

Sally Wheat: I would love to leave behind the industrial look.

Erika Brechtel: Matchy-matchy — gone are the days when furniture styles and materials need to match. I'm all about mixing it up, and putting a glam piece next to a rustic piece, a modern piece next to an antique.

Julie Richard: I'd like to leave behind perfectly matched interiors that resemble a hotel suite, and the overdone look of the Hollywood Regency style. Hints from this period are fine, I'm just over entire rooms outfitted in this style. As far as fashion goes, the high- waisted 80's style looking boy pants, jeans, and shorts never did much for me!

Meg Lonergan: I'm a little tired of every single bedroom having an upholstered headboard. I just bought a vintage Baker 4 poster bed and I can't wait to set it up!

Jess Graves: Something I'd like to leave in 2012? Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style. May we never, ever hear those songs again.

Lee Kleinhelter: 3 words-- "Honey Boo Boo"

Do you agree with our group’s predictions on what to love in 2013 and what to leave in 2012? Is there anything you disagree with? What do you think will be big in the coming year and what would you like to leave behind?


Junell said...

Great ideas for 2013! Agree on outs for 2012. Have always thought Upholstered headboards are not very hygienic. Glad to see them go bye, bye.

ddu said...

I recommend that we stop using the word "curated" to describe a decorator's work or the decorated space. It's so pretentious. I'd also like to see fewer free-form "artisanal" kitchens. Thanks for a thoughtful post, and best wishes for health and happiness in 2013!

Unknown said...

Ha! Love the leave it answers!
Thanks for including me in this stellar group! So excited to see what 2013 brings for us all!

Squeak said...

I love the predictions for 2013! I'm really looking forward to pretty interiors. I'm so tired of the "throw every furniture style, fabric print and paint colour in a room and call it decorating" school of interior design. I'll be happy if I never again see another book with its cover ripped off (or covered in white paper), ikat or suzani print, over-sized metal and wood fake Italian chandelier or "Hollywood Regency" anything.

Julie Richard - Shelter said...

This was such a fun series!! Thanks for including me Paloma!!


Paris Pastry said...

Stay strong! Happy New Year! Best wishes to you in 2013! Xx

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I loved this post! So fun, honest and not too serious.

Wishing you the best new year Paloma! Feel better soon.

Sketch42 said...

Ohhh! I forgot to answer, Oh well. Ill answer in the comments:

Love it: sculptural minimalism, undercooked looks and ideas. Rooms with furniture as sculpture and DEFINITELY quality over quantity.

Leave it: I agree with all of the above -except high waisted pants and shorts! Those look great on me!

Unknown said...

Love it,I'm really looking forward to pretty interiors.

Hotel furniture


What a great group and thrilled to be included. (Sorry I wasn't deeper with my answer;). Happy New Year to you! Wishing everyone a fantastic 2013!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Loved it...Happy New Year!

Sylvie said...

I'd really like to lose top knots, ikat, chalkboard anything, and Honey Boo Boo.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

this was my favorite post EVER done. WELL DONE PALOMA on getting an excellent panel to weigh in. I love everything they said. except, im way too addicted to honey boo boo and pray she doesnt go away (yet)

cindy hattersley said...

What a great post. I agree with Mark re Hollywood Regency and purple!

Anonymous said...

Let's stop using the word "gift" as a verb. Someone just "gave" you something.. NOT "gifted"!