Friday, December 7, 2012

Fabulous Room Friday 12.07.12

robert stilin

This week’s “Fabulous Room” is this serene bedroom designed by Robert Stilin as featured in the December issue of ELLE DECOR. I love the clean, masculine sensibility of the space which features such a great mix of materials—the rawness of the wood, the warmth of the saddle leather, the cool quality of the stone fireplace. Earlier this week, we discussed the elements of the perfect bed and I think this would definitely be a bed that my cohort, Jon and I would see eye to eye on. The linens are crisp and tailored, but maintain an effortless ease. This room feels quite sophisticated in the most inviting way. It is filled with interesting, important designs, but features a cool, relaxed quality. What do you think of the ceiling fixtures? As someone who works for a lighting manufacturer, I very rarely come across lighting designs that I haven’t already seen before, but this feels so fresh.

What is your favorite element in this room?


Cara said...

the clean lines :)

French Furniture said...

I love the bed, and the mattress looks super comfy.

Dawna said...

It's hard to just pick on thing ,his style is so reminiscent of James Huniford,and it really speaks to me seeing as I love a more masculine approach to design. I adore those light fixtures,it's really the first time I have ever loved a ceiling fixture.Great room!

Home Decor said...

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