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Monday, October 15, 2012

Do Tell: Which Design Trends Need to Take a Break?

 52846995596958459_gslXrVZw_c[1] {Lacquered Walls, Peacock Blue, and Skirted Tables: Trends or Classics?}

Being at High Point Market this week, I am definitely thinking about what is new and what is next in the world of interior design. I realize that as a style blogger who focuses heavily on interior design and someone whose full-time job is in the home furnishings industry, I can get a little jaded and have a harder time finding things that feel new and fresh than most people. For example, I have been over the whole industrial look for a good while now, yet it is still going strong through mass-market retailers like Restoration Hardware, so it seems plenty of people still love this style. As in fashion, there are things in interior design that never go out of style or that come and go every few years like leopard print, polka dots,etc.  I am dying to know: which design objects and trends would you like to see go away—or at least take a little break? Keep in mind, I actually really love all of the things in this post and have several of them in my own home, but I am wondering if they have all become ubiquitous. What are your thoughts on the matter?


{Brick Layer’s Coffee Tables—There are so many incarnations of this type of table!}

hicks kitchen {The Wildly Popular Hicks Pendant – I have loved this piece for so long and have one in my breakfast room, but I have been seeing it everywhere lately. Could the Hicks be the equivalent of an “it handbag”? Every stylish girl has to have one? }


{The Bold Use of Greek Key—It’s so classic and is a perennial favorite of mine, but has it become overdone?}

88101736430012846_dL7QubTP_c[1]{Fiddleleaf Fig Trees: Could these be the trendiest trees in existence? I love the look so much, but decided not to buy one when the owner of our favorite nursery told us how finicky and high maintenance they can be. They are so gorgeous, though and they remind me of my happy place—Southern California.}

173459023118003492_EU3SRhTY_c[1] {Chevron or Zig Zag—Specifically in Pillows and Rugs}

4855512067750137_wOcLHmW7_c[1] {While we’re on the subject or rugs, how about Beni Ourain rugs?}

176625616605976802_dAdgW8nk_c[1] {Massimo Vitalli-Style Aerial Beach Photography—The images are stunning, but they’re starting to pop up everywhere.}

At the end of the day, the most important thing I advocate when it comes to design is to do what you love. It doesn’t matter if other people say something is in or out. What matters most is that you love the items in your home because you’re the one who has to live with them!  Every item in this post is something that I love, but is starting to feel a little saturated to me at the moment. I don’t want any of these things to go away completely and they are all classic and iconic in their own way, so I don’t think they will, but in my opinion, I’d like for them to sit out the next dance. Have a drink, go mingle—we’ll be here ready to the dance the night away when you return. Do you feel the same about any of these pieces? Is there anything else you’d add to the list?


Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

Still love: lacquered walls, skirted tables, fiddle leaf figs, beni ouarain rugs,

Totally over: brick layer's coffee tables, chevrons and zig zags, Massimo Vitali photography - oh, and ikat!

Undecided about: Hicks pendant, greek key (love if done well)

Trissta said...

I'm definitely on board with Chevrons being WAYYYYYY over done. Every time I see I chevron now, I want to throw up. Or march over, grab the thing and rip it to shreds. Ok, that sounded a little angry... The rest? I haven't been exposed enough to the rest that I mind them so much.

Much Love,

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I agree with you completely- I love all of these things, but am getting a little tired of seeing them constantly. The biggest one for me is chevron. Now, I say this as someone who LOVES it and has a giant black and white rug in this print. But It's been EVERYWHERE, and I've seen so many DIY projects with this print, and I just think it needs to live quietly in all of our houses for a while without everyone talking about it. That way it doesn't feel so stale. Loved your post! :)

Sara said...

I am very much over the Chevron pattern on everything. Another "trend" not necessarily mentioned in your post that is eating me grey everything. Specifically, grey and yellow. I'm currently designing the nursery for our baby arriving in March, and almost all of the design ideas and bedding I find have grey as one of the primary colors.

Wendy said...

For me the timeless pieces are those that are more subtle. The chevron and ikat prints are such a strong statement for me that they are the ones I got sick of first from your list. Everything else still feels classic and can be mix and matched with other pieces for a fresher look.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Great post and totally agree. I'm over Chevron big and bad.

Tobe | BIA said...

Don't forget lucite :)

Some of these I'm still crazy for, others I could do without at this point. I agree with Wendy; it's definitely all about the mix.

Sentrell said...

I'm over chevrons and zig zags.

I still like greek key and lucite.

Anonymous said...

I loved all the photos you showed with each design element. They all look fresh and timeless to me. What I am so tired of is when people use all of these products/design in one room/house. It begins to look so contrived. Do you know what I mean?


cotedetexas said...

im such a trend hog, i cant say something is too overdone. otherwise i would have to completely remodel! loved this post. ok. ok. maybe big chevron patterns.

{Two One Nine} said...

Ditto on the chevron but can't see ever tiring of the skirted table or lacquered walls!

custom stickers said...

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Margaret said...

Coming from someone who has interior style identity crises once ever couple of months, I tire of these things much faster than other.

Chevron- been there, done that.

Brick layer's coffee table- still love and WILL have one at some point in my life.

Super modern furniture- I have never been crazy about and I hope it doesn't get any more popular

One thing that hasn't been mentioned that I'm sure most people have been over for awhile are the ever-popular mirrored side tables. Seems like everyone has them these days. Just sayin'..

Xx, Margaret @

Uma / designing "the life" said...

What an interesting post!

I'm over the bricklayer table and the greek key.

Still loving the hicks pendant and the fiddleleaf trees.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I don't think I'll ever be over greek key, but without a doubt chevron has run its course, even though I have a little in my own abode - and it's not going anywhere. Really tired to death of all the moodboards that look alike.

Squeak said...

I'm tired of seeing suzanis, ikats, books with their covers ripped off and tied into bundles, books turned backwards (spine in) on shelves, books colour coordinated on shelves, subway signs, Imperial Trellis prints and fake Italian metal and wood chandeliers.

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, a great post and what a lovely way of saying that you're tired of these things... Magnifically written!!

I agree with pretty much everything, but must confess I have never liked brick layer coffee tables or skirted tables, really... The industrial look was out several years ago and chevron has been overpopular me thinks. I loved and started doing ikat five or six years ago now, so I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw it absolutely everywhere in London again in the new collections back in sept... Is it the next classic???

Soledad Suarez de Lezo, Madrid, Spain
And having said this, I am somehow still into fiddle leaf fig trees and laquered walls (& ceilings!).

I also agree with someone here who says mirrored side tables should take a rest!

Now... Lets be constructive and think of what's new and next!

angela said...

I found myself nodding as I scrolled down the post. It's true, these are trends we see EVERYWHERE! Although, in real spaces, they don't seem so bad. Maybe I'm just over the "typical" interior styling?

One trend I wish would die forever: antlers and/or faux taxidermy. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

I think they're all classics...especially when you're considering something vintage (Beni Ourain rugs) or art (photography), but the chevrons have got to at least give us a break!


The Buzz Blog said...

If ever you change your mind about fiddle leaf fig trees, our faux ones aren't as finicky as the real and Celerie Kemble loves them!
C + C

Dawna Jones Design said...

Yes I agree with you,but I still love all these things they just somehow don't feel as special when everyone else in the world has one too.
I'm tired of the Louis Ghost chair def done with that look!

Sarah Sarna said...

too. much. chevron. :D

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Agree, especially about the greek key image...totally tired of it and yes chevron too. About 3 years ago I reupholstered my english roll arm chairs in green/cream chevron and at the time I had reupholstery remorse...I thought they looked fantastic, but I was worried the print would be overdone in a few years and boy was I right. Oh well...they still look nice...I have sheep wool throws and odd pillows on them to bring them down a notch. Great post!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

great great great content. i think we all feel this way!! i personally am done -to-the-zo with chevrons. dont wanna see another one. while im quite ok with lacquer, hicks, FLFs (agreed on how finicky they are - ive killed two) and beni ourains.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Chevron and striped rugs to the degree you want to put out an eye. Tripod spot light style floor lamps, French flour sack type cushions and chairs, all need to go into retirement. Great post, gets a person thinking. I'm always fascinated what the next 'it' trend will be.

Vasilisa said...

I don't know near as much about interior design as you but I aways believed in my taste.

1. Skirted Tables (the blue lacquered wall on that picture is also not my cup of tea. i wouldnt feel comfortable in that room)
2. Greek Key. Looks good on vases or in ancient european swimming pools. Definetly not on that picture. Emo-Barbie-Like!
3. Zig Zag. I'm already feeling like i need a rest of that room after looking at the pic for a few minutes, don't want to even imagine what it's like to live there.
4. Beach photography. Just NO.

Always looks GREAT:
1. brick layer's coffee tables
2. Fid Trees - i like plants.
3. Beni Ourain rugs - classy and beautiful

Lori said...

In a world with literally hundreds of thousands of beautiful fabrics, I feel like I see the same patterns trotted out constantly. No more Imperial Trellis, Chiang Ming Dragon please!

None of these elements are BAD, just sadly overexposed.

Unknown said...

The cocktail table for sure and the bold large chevron prints I'm over as well. Don't mind the lacquered walls right now...still enjoying those.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

grain sack anything - please stop!
subway/train signs

I don't things are overused from 10 years ago, but the amount of times we now see something is due to everyone having a web presence. In the bad ole' days we had to wait for magazines to publish.

diane said...

I am so over painted furniture and milk paint. If I see one more of those 1940 buffets painted shiny turquoise or bright orange I will...

Dont get me wrong, I love painted furniture but feel that one stand alone piece is much better than painting every inherited item in a trendy color. Ditto on the chevron and would like to add the trellis pattern. These are all classics but they seem to be everywhere these days.

Fun post...thanks

Anonymous said...

I love chevron because it's the perfect neutral pattern to go with global prints, but I agree, it's waaay over saturated and I can't wait for everyone else to forget about it.
I'm going to second everything grey, and grey and yellow as a color scheme, faux taxidermy, grain sacks, subway signs and the entire industrial look (which I never liked either). I'm sick of typewriters and typography prints unless you are actually a huge font nerd. Also so so so sick of mustache motifs, FOR LIKE EVER, and KEEP CALM anything!

I love the hicks pendant every time I see it though.

Steph | glitter and goat cheese said...

I'm totally done with chevron, with the exception of subtle, neutral-colored, tone-on-tone natural fiber area rugs.

Livin' Life Day-by-Day said...

I'm not a "trendy" sort of person & I find it fascinating (funny) hearing all of the comments about chevron. I like to walk to the beat of my own drum & have my own taste & style that I like, so I appreciated your comments about doing what it is You love! I personally either like muted pastel colors or big, bold combo's. Either way I like things to match. I have a real problem w/ dumping a whole bunch of styles together b/c it tends to look really messy (unorganized). If you're going to mix style it has to be clean. Those are just my thoughts . . . Thx for your postings!

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