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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anatomy of a Home: The Family Room

Lee Bierly and Christopher Drake
Hi there from Lauren with The Semi-Designed Life! I'm back with Anatomy of a Home. We're talking about the hub of the home. The family room to some, the den to others. This room is all about comfy, cozy, and snuggly.

The family room above by Bierly-Drake is the epitome of the cozy factor you need in a family room. I love the tight little seating areas that make for an extra cuddly family bonding scenario. You would have to be tiny people to make this situation work for you though.

Anatomy Lesson #1: Make your family room a tight, snuggly area if you can. Unless you can't stand your family. Then go grab an ice cream cone and talk things out.

Elle Decor // Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos
I'm also a fan of a moody family room with a laid back feel that still features luxurious fabrics. Velvet sofas are dressed down with slouchy tribal pillows and a wicker bench. Plus there's plenty of room for lounging and napping. Optimal in a family room.

Anatomy Lesson #2: Mix your materials in the family room! Just because you watch 8 hours of TV on Sundays here doesn't mean you can't be a little fancy with a velvet sofa. Unless you take a nap and you're a drooler. Then you'll need to reconsider.

Made By Girl // Cathy Triant Buxton
I know most designers and design minded would disagree with me, but I'm a big fan of incorporating function into design. Men+dogs+friends who like to spill red wine=slipcovers. Slipcovers=function. Ergo, I need to have a functional family room. I think Cathy Triant Buxton really made slipcovers look chic in her family lair.

Anatomy Lesson #3:Face it. Some barbarian is going to put their shoes on your sofa. And you're going to be all, "um, scuse me." But they won't care. If you slipcover, then you can immediately wash. If you won't slipcover, then at least consider an indoor/outdoor fabric or get your upholstered goodies treated professionally.

Tim Clarke
I girl crush this room really hard. You can cram lots of humans in this seating arrangement which would make for a splendid Real Housewives of Beverly Hills watching party. Or whatever brilliant Bravo show you prefer.

Anatomy Lesson #4: The more the merrier. Get creative with your floor plan and try to tuck an ottoman in wherever you can.


Lisa said...

I am glad to hear that you feel a family room should be functional as well as pretty. I feel that there has to be one room in the house that is good for watching TV, napping and eating buttery popcorn! Glad to see you're keeping it real.

Jessica @ Decor Adventures said...

I love the second photo. Our living area is set up like that. Without the fabulous bookshelves, although we plan to make some soon :-)

The Golden Girls said...

The Golden Girls

Jason said...

So nice to see a familiar space!
I used to work with Lee & Chris at Bierly-Drake. This is only 1/2 of the room which is one big open space into the kitchen and dining room. Signature Bierly-Drake with lots of WHITE!