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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Design Under the Influence: The Sputnik Chandelier

Annette English

Hello! It's Erika from small shop, and I'm back continuing our "Design Under the Influence" explorations into ways in which the past has influenced current trends in decor, fashion and art. This time we are taking a look at the Sputnik chandelier -- and I admit, mainly because I've been looking at them for the past month and finally got one for our bedroom! It's a classic piece with a lot of history, and adds a ton of personality to any space.

Obviously, the variations on the theme all center around the Russian satellite launched in 1957, and the space age curiosity since. You can find them from $300 to $3000 in a multitude of shapes, forms and finishes, new or old. I espeically love when it's mixed with more feminine and/or rustic spaces that really offset it and make it pop. Let's take a look at some of the more recent interiors that feature this mid-century icon:

Uxus Design

Uxus Design

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Restoration Hardware ($625)

Bonnie Edelman in House Beautiful

Niche Interiors

Palmer Weiss

Bright Design Lab

via Elle Decor

Philip Gorrivan

House Beautiful

Design Within Reach ($1325)

Design Within Reach ($1325)

Steven Gambrel

William Stewart

Jonathan Adler ($1425)

Although I would have loved a brass number like the above, the Z Gallerie chrome version at a cool $299 is budget-friendly and fine by me!


Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

LOL - i guess there is no shortage of pics of them in decor. i love this light. as a non modern/contemporary gal myself, i cant find a way to integrate it into my own home, so i can only hope for a project to come my way where i can use it. great topic - it deserved a dedicated audience :)

Dreams in HD said...

i love the sputnik chandelier, especially in a more rustic or traditional room. the contrast between the retro/space-age piece with more classical elements is just lovely.

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

this is such a great series. I learned a little more today....I love the brass ones...but the Z gallery one is awesome.

Karena said...

Erika I love that first bedroom and the gray living room, gorgeous lighting!

Art by Karena

Elizabeth // The Now said...

Yay Erika!! I love it above dining room tables. That first picture is my dream!!!! xo

Erin | Holtwood Hipster said...

The very first thing we purchased for our mid-century rancher reno was a sputnik. I couldn't wait to hang it! We went with chrome, but oh how I love the brass versions you featured here. Our sputnik makes quite a statement in our dining/living area, but the view looking in from the pool is one of the things that endears it most to me.

Elizabeth said...

I love sputniks and the new urchin style offshoot of that. Erika's sputnik looks awesome in her bedroom!
xoxo -e (

Kris said...

I'm loving the vast range of sputnik right now! Especially the Lumiere by Jean De Merry impressions.