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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glamour Obsession: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Merlot

{A burgundy top coat mixed with brown and lots of leopard has me swooning!!!  Love, love, love}
Happy first week of Fall LDV Readers! Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa & Valentine!!!  I'm officially on maternity leave and due any minute now with my 2nd child!  It's got me thinking how excited I will be not to wear elastic waist pants anymore.  Instead, I've been daydreaming of deep,rich hues of burgundy, bordeaux, and merlot, not only to drink, but to wear.  Here's what's inspiring me... 
A rich overcoat mixed with a luscious leather bag is not only functional, but the epitome of classic cool.  The large gold accessories take this from being boring to unique...I want the whole look!
I'm really digging the pairing of a bright red sweater with burgundy skinnies!  The friendship bracelets are pretty rad too, for an extra dose of color! 
Top off an all black outfit with a deep rich coat and you are set!!!  I want that Chanel purse and her hair color is beyond gorgeous!
Every time I see a leather bag in this color I am reminded of the 70s when this color reigned supreme!  This Celine Bag is on my wish list!!!
If you don't feel like wearing clothes in this color, buy a little lipstick and make it your signature shade this Fall!
How about sporting a simple gray sweater with a pair of burgundy pants?
My favorite combo by far is paired with black, gold accents, and leopard...
This room is so rich and cozy...
I picked up a new bottle of Chanel Vamp in May, just so I had it on hand this Fall for my manicures and pedicures.  It's the perfect shade and I get so many compliments.  It's so fun wearing this color!
 Essie also makes a cheaper version called Wicked that is a little darker, but just as good!
I love Miranda Kerr's burgundy tote and the little dog is cute too!
Burgundy paired with navy and camel is so smart looking.  I love how the chambray shirt looks with these pants!
...and if you don't feel like wearing anything in this hue you can always just drink your Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Merlot!  Cheers Everyone!
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Lauren | Seventeenth & Irving said...

I will take it all, please! This is, hands down, my favorite trend for fall.

Neda said...

I love all this bordeaux inspiration! I totally forgot about my Chanel nail color...perfect for this season. :)

Wendy said...

Great collection of images... I've been thinking about adding some burgundy to my Fall clothes but haven't committed yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vanessa - I've been jonesing for a little burgundy in my life lately especially now that fall is here! Funny... I'm sporting the Essie Wicked nails as we speak, but I really want to find the perfect burgundy lip color. Any suggestions for me???


Ordinette said...

this post is just fabulous! It makes me love burgundy and red together, bordeaux and leather hued items combinations. I remeber I tossed some burgundy skirts I had a few times ago, but I am now realizing what a huge mistake I made.... I am really regretting it. Lately I've been thinking to myself: Never throw anything away because fashion trends keep returning!!!! (but I also need a new closet and much more space in my house :-(
have a great day!

CK said...

I'm loving burgundy this season too! I can't get over how luxe it looks - especially with leopard accents.

Thanks for providing more inspiration!

Happy Friday,

Jenn Markwardt said...

I've long thought of burgundy as an awful trend from the 80's, but I have to admit this season reincarnation of the color is changing my mind! I love the navy and mustard pairing. Great post!


ashley cooper said...

I am loving these colors for fall too! Love this post and your blog! Have a wonderful weekend, dear.
-Ashley Cooper @