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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Currently Obsessed: Emerson Fry Coats

{Emerson Fry’s Sophisticated, Ladylike High Tech Fur Collar Coat}
It is truly remarkable to see the progress that Emerson Fry has made in just a few short years. Not too long ago, the company was called Emerson Made and was started by a darling blonde who made pretty flower pins and chronicled the adventures on her adorable farm. Emerson eventually pulled from her fashion background and tapped into her talents by evolving her line to include a collection of clothing, which she modeled for her website. I’ve loved Emerson’s line since the beginning, but love it even more now.
What was once Emerson Made is now known as the more sophisticated Emerson Fry and with good reason. For the past two seasons, the evolution of Emerson Fry has led to stunning collections filled with timeless pieces that any stylish girl would absolutely covet. Her Fall 2012 collection is without a doubt, my favorite to date. While the entire collection is fabulous, I am particularly in love with all of  her fantastic coats. They are all just so perfect and address so many different needs. If I lived in a colder climate, I might have to exercise some restraint from ordering every single one!
{Quite Possibly the Chicest Army Coat in Existence}

{The Big Peacoat is ultra-versatile.}
{I am dying over the Wingtip Coat in Leopard Linen!}
{A great-fitting trench coat, like the Classic Emerson Trench in black is a must-have for every woman.}
Which one is your favorite?


Unknown said...

I absolutely love that army coat and the leopard. Gorgeous!!


Squeak said...

I don't think I can live without that leopard linen coat!

Jessie said...

love the big peacoat!

mikky said...

I love reading stories like this. So inspiring. That navy blue trench is great, I bet it will never go out of style.


Amber Steel said...

The big pea coat looks so warm & that leopard one is insane! Loved Emerson since those flower making days!

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

very good post

decoratingdame said...

I love love that leopard coat.7

decoratingdame said...

I love love that leopard coat.

Dawn said...

The Army Coat and the Big Peacoat! With so many Army-inspired coats, it's hard to come up with something that feels original but this one hits the mark. And the collar of the peacoat is spectacular. (Why choose just one? : )

Stefanie Grace said...

Love all of these! The army coat is amazing!