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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Global Architecture: Tori Tori Restaurant

© Paúl Rivera
Hello, La Dolce Vita readers! My name is Brendan from (BAD) Blog About Design. I am very excited to be featured on La Dolce Vita, with a unique series that revolves around architecture. Located in Polanco, Mexico City, the Tori Tori Restaurant is absolutely remarkable. Together the Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio, teamed up to design a restaurant that centered on Tori Tori's Japanese cuisine. The façade of the building is constructed of steel plates, and meant to resemble natural ivy as it climbs the exterior of the restaurant. (ABOVE) The lighting used on the Tori Tori Restaurant makes a big statement. The deep blue highlights the façades brilliant angles. The façade reminds me of a spider web, with each steel plate connecting to create not only a building, but also a piece of art. (BELOW 1) The entrance of the restaurant is unlike any you will come across. You can tell by how thick the doorway is, the quality of the materials used to construct this structure. Walking into the Tori Tori Restaurant puts you into a different mood. (BELOW 2) A closer look at the façade, shows the brilliant colors the lighting has created. Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Black and Fuchsia creates a stunning contrast against the trees outside. (BELOW 3) I love the dark colors used inside the Tori Tori Restaurant. They allow the blue façade to make a statement inside. Painting your ceiling a dark color is a great way to add drama to any space. (BELOW 4) A different view of the façade, highlights its unique corner. The Tori Tori Restaurant is a perfect example of modern Japanese Architecture.
© Paúl Rivera 1

1 comment:

Karena said...

Brenden how amazing; thank you so much for featuring this amazing property!! I would love to dine there, the experience would be phenomenal.

Paloma thank you for having Brenden!!

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