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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glamour Obsession: Preppy Patterns

Hello LDV Readers!  Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa & Valentine. When the weather gets chilly and winter finally arrives, I love breaking out my plaid, houndstooth, and tweed clothing and accessories.  I've always had a thing for plaid.  Maybe it's all those years I spent attending all-girls Catholic school, or maybe it just reminds me of the holidays and good cheer.  Whatever it is, I've been wearing a lot of it lately and this past weekend, I even dug out my old plaid blankets and have them laying around the house so I can curl up when it gets chilly.  Here are some of my favorite ways to do plaid chic and stylishly for everyday...
Miroslava Duma knows how to work the plaid top coat.  She is one of my favorite style icons who always gets it right!
A plaid scarf topped over a tweed blazer and oxford shirt looks cozy and stylish all at the same time.  Brings out the prepster in me!
This room is simply perfection with the rich leathers, plaid accents, dark woods, and leopard and paisley mixed in for good measure.  This totally reminds me of our house when I was growing up and although it's not really how I would decorate my own place today, I am really, really drawn in to how cozy, warm, and sophisticated it is.  I'm seriously contemplating going in this direction for my next place!
Ahh... the tweed jacket and sparkly skirt is definitely a lesson in contrasts and I love it!  Paired with lots of gold bracelets and jewelry, it doesn't get much better (or adventurous) than this!
Blair Waldorf's large print houndstooth is seriously to die for!  Can I get this blouse pronto???  Anyone know who makes it???  I love how it makes a bold statement and is done just right.
Kate Middleton's red tartan plaid skirt, black tights and boots is classic.  She keeps everything else basic and let's the skirt do the talking, the girl has style!
I had to throw this image in because I thought it looked good with the red pop of color on that alligator purse next to the houndstooth dress!
A cozy plaid blanket and little doggy curled up by the bed warms my heart.  I'm liking the stripes on the wall too.
My older sister had a Christian Dior houndstooth coat when she was 13 that reminds me of the one Gwyneth is wearing and my mom saved it so some day one of our kids could wear it.  I swear if I was petit and 5'2" tall I could still wear it.  It's a total classic!
Blair Eadie rocks the plaid just right.
And how chic is this little houndstooth clutch with an all black outfit?  Love that!
Ralph Lauren always inspires me with their insane mix of plaids and I love all the hunting pictures of dogs they use! 
Why not have a few plaid throw pillows so you can change out your home decor during the winter holidays?
Cheers everyone, see you next time!
Images via Pinterest


Unknown said...

Perfect holiday looks!

Laura V. said...

the blair waldof blouse is alexander mcqueen.

Ivy Clad said...

I love, love this post, especially that first pic! It makes me imagine that I come from an ancient British family with gorgeous family homes sprinkled across the countryside, and celebrations to attend where we carry on age-old family traditions, but we are forward-thinking and modern enough to incorporate new ones too. All the while having loads of cheery fun!


Anonymous said...

I would live and die in preppy patterns. Such gorgeous inspiration!

~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

ivy de Leon said...

head over heals over the tweed jacket and sparkly skirt, so chic.

Katherine said...

I am loving all the houndstooth and plaid in this post! So inspiring :)

Michelle said...

YES! LOVE! especially that top photo, when will I have a home like that with a garden like that? oh please let it be soon.

Sandy said...

I have always loved the coziness of plaid in a home. Ralphie does it right with his dog portraits piled in front of each other and all the plaid pillows. Great post!

The Little Arrow said...

Amazing idea to change the living room in a warmer place! isn't it? (Guys! Take a look to my new blog!! I'm a beginner!!!! Thanx!)


Karo said...

I loooove this post!


Joanna said...