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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dream Home: BAD- Blog About Design

Today’s stunning “Dream Home” comes from the mind of Brendan from BAD: Blog About Design. It is evident that each space was selected with great care. I so admire Brendan’s ability to create, or in this case, imagine, such cohesive spaces. Each room in Brendan’s “Dream Home” is at once grand, but intimate. Enjoy!
Hello La Dolce Vita Readers! Brendan here of BAD Blog About Design. I live in a brilliant 1920s estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, set on over six acres of land. I have a passion for English Manors, and this home falls nothing short! With a magnificent iron gate, lush landscaping and driveway I have much privacy. In addition, the grand motor courtyard allows my cars and guests to park easily. My home is a short drive to town where I can enjoy shopping and dining!
The Foyer of my home is full of surprises! With a brilliant patterned stone floor and an exotic chandelier my entry vestibule pushes the envelope. I placed two arm chairs in the foyer to allow extra seating. The statues atop the stone table add contrast as well as visual interest.
The Family Room is my favorite place to unwind at the end of the day. The two Terrazza DS 1025 sofas are by far my favorite. These 1970s sofas are functional as they can be joined. The two funnel shaped lamps work beautifully with the checkered painting, accessories, and rug. The floor lamps next to each sofa are great for reading as they provide direct light. The incredible windows in the Family Room allows much light throughout the day. I decided to use wood paneling in this space to bring the outdoors in.
The Living Room is a work of art. The two sofas on either side add a burst of color to the space. Not only do I love their form, but they are also very comfortable to sit in. The center statue on my checkered coffee table is a great conversation piece. I brought three area rugs into this space to bring in texture. I mainly use this space for entertaining, as there is much seating. Despite there being many objects and pieces of furniture in this space, each piece speaks for itself.
I love hosting parties in my formal Dining Room. It's traditional with a twist! I purchased this amazing chandelier from Rollins & Hill. I added visual interest to this space by painting the floors an unusual pattern. I have been collecting French vases for several years now, I decided to finally display them on the dining table as well as buffet table.
I decided to remodel the Kitchen with a delicate color palette. With all the wild patterns throughout the home, the Kitchen serves as a calm oasis. I love my wood center island. It makes preparing dinners easier.
My Office is my creative escape. The whole room is vintage and I absolutely love it. The two tables on opposite sides of the desk were once the base of my dining table. I decided to reuse them and place circular lamps atop them. All the pieces in this space have clean lines.
When designing my own library I chose to use dark colors for the space. Dark colors in a library, allow the binding of the books to stand out. The chandelier in this space is impeccable, as it looks like black cups with a light bulb inside it. Large chandelier's in a library are ideal as they light the space well. Be sure to add much seating to your library, it is important to be able to spread out and relax when reading.
My Bedroom is both full of energy and relaxing. I love my yellow and white stripped cashmere blanket. The pink armchairs are very comfortable to relax in and read a good book. The rug made me think of tree branches when I bought it, so I decided to continue the theme with a small plant on the bottom corner on each of the four bed posts. The chandelier reminds me of an upside down lamp--love it!
The backyard is all about privacy. I love all the nature as well as the pool! Coming out here is so unwinding and was definitely a reason why I bought this amazing English Manor. I love coming out here and running with my dog! You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.


Tobe | BIA said...

sweet love. i would definitely be okay with a space like this as well! vibrant and energetic with just enough classic elements to ground it. when can i come over? :)

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Can't go wrong with one Wearstler space after how little bits are taken from different projects...I can definitely see the luxe resort theme going on...great mix!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture

martinealison said...

Wouahou!... Un bien bel espace.
Je vous renouvelle mes voeux, afin que tout soit possible, y compris le bonheur.
gros bisous

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

I love your dream house. It is very bold and eclectic.


Unknown said...

This is amazing. What a stunning home.

xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

Gwen Driscoll said...

Love your Dining Room & Kitchen most. Happy New Year!

Leah Eash said...

Gorgeous exterior & grounds!


Leah Eash said...

Gorgeous exterior & grounds!!


chibiaion said...

Brilliantly exceptional. Got loss on words for a moment except for wow. Truly magnificent home.

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Barry said...

Pretty cool, it's a massive house! I don't like the style inside too much but the pool area is awesome and the kitchen is great.