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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going for the Gold

{This small room appears to be much larger thanks to the mirrored panels on either side of the 19th century French fireplace.}

There are a few colors that I never seem to tire of. Orange, kelly green, and peacock blue come to mind. One combination that is as timeless as it is glamorous is that of black, white, and gold. I was recently admiring this Madrid apartment in Nuevo Estilo and fell in love with this beautiful combination of colors all over again. It is the perfect neutral palette! The apartment belongs to Estefanía Carrera and Alejandro Fauquié, both of whom are interior designers. It seems they’ve figured out how to work in harmony, but I would imagine that having two interior designers in one home could be dangerous!

{The bench used to divide the living room into two smaller spaces was designed by Carrera and Fauquié. The Curtis Jeré starburst sculpture near the windows is from the 1970s. Notice how various shades of gold are used throughout the space.}

{I love these gorgeous black and gold mirrors designed by Carrera and Fauquié. The Fauquié-designed desk on the right is pretty gorgeous as well!}

{I love the way these shelves are covered in mesh. It looks great and makes hanging things quite easy, though I do wonder how functional they would be in the day to day. The framed pieces are by Gilbert Poillerat and Henri Matisse.}

{The dining room features chairs designed by Pierre Cardin in the 1970s. They are covered in gold, velvet chevron fabric by Fadini Borghi. The massive table was designed by Fauquié.}

{I absolutely love the mix of grey, white, black, gold, and abstract art in this bathroom. It reminds me so much of Lázaro Rosa Violán’s work since he gravitates towards this palette in so much of his work.}

{This little console table doubles as a breakfast table for the pair who have maximized their use of space in this beautiful, historic Madrid apartment.}


{Image Source: Nuevo Estilo}


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I love what this couple did to this apartment.
I'm particularly smitten with how effective the wall-to-wall seagrass covering is in contrast with some of the more glam objets.
I also really like that powder room.
Lindo, lindo, Alcira

Full House said...

I love this space so was fun to see the same space featured in the Nov '09 issue of Spanish AD because of some of the changes. If you wanted to check it out go here:

Dumbwit Tellher said...

A home to never tire off. It speaks volumes of class and creativity; zero cookie-cutter decorating. I always boo @ a show that the people put down wall mirrors immediately w/o taking in what they bring to the space. In this case, opens up & brightens it - two win/wins. Thanks for posting this fun apt.Paloma, what a thrill!!

*** said...

Wow - what a space - I am loving the two huge black and gold mirrors - they bring such a statement to the room!


My Galveston Cottage said...

Beautiful pick.
Thanks for showing it, -susan

Laura Trevey said...

You know I love mirrors, and those oversized black and gold ones are amazing!!

xoxo Laura

designchic said...

Beautiful images - love how he used the sunburst mirrors on top of the mirror on either side of the fireplace...fabulous!!

Linda Leyble said...

Paloma - thanks for sharing this. The way the couple decorated is what I would love to achieve in my own home - so I think you for the inspiration. There's so much to love in all these rooms - it's hard to say which one I loved the most! Loved the way the shelving was done with the wire mesh. A question though - I couldn;t see from the pictures - how do you open up the mesh to get at the books etc behind? Thanks again! Linda