Monday, November 22, 2010

Boxwood Interiors

Fall 2010 417
Last week, my friend Jeni came to visit from California and I took her to some of my favorite places in Houston that I knew she’d love. Among them, was Boxwood Interiors, a charming store featuring an amazing selection of pillows, furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, and paints and wallcoverings by Farrow and Ball. I’ll let you in on a little secret, we sourced a few items from Boxwoods for a High Gloss photo shoot that we can’t wait to share with you! But more on that later. First, I’d like to share a visual tour of this amazing shop. Boxwood recently underwent a major makeover. The store nearly doubled in size and they added a ton of fabulous new vignettes, brightened the space, and added some show-stopping details.
Fall 2010 387
{It was quite appropriate that we visited Boxwood on the same day that we heard Miles Redd speak. This amazing octagonal partition is painted in Miles’ favorite color, Hague Blue in Full Gloss finish by Farrow and Ball. It is such a gorgeous shade and this image doesn’t even begin to do the amazing partition justice.}
Fall 2010 376
{Boxwood mixes styles so well. There are plenty of things that appeal to the French and Belgian loving set as well as a great assortment of pieces that appeal to those who love a more modern dose of color.}
Fall 2010 380
{Pillows, Glorious Pillows!}
Fall 2010 384
{So Many Lovely Details}
Fall 2010 383
{I love the mercury glass lamp, subdued color palette, and Donghia suzani pillows in this vignette.}
Fall 2010 382
{How gorgeous is that mirror?}
Fall 2010 385
{I love the framed abstract paintings here. Sally Wheat has some similar ones in her home. Sally, if you’re reading this, what is the artist’s name?}
Fall 2010 388
{This console is bananas! The photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice. It is covered in what looked and felt like seagrass and studded with nailheads.}
Fall 2010 407
{I loved the gilded wheat sheaf table and these neat stools.}
Fall 2010 389
{These Kobo candles smell so nice and feature such lovely packaging.}
Fall 2010 375
{Gorgeous Mercury Glass Lamps atop a Beautiful Console Table}
Fall 2010 391
{There is literally eye candy in every corner of this store. I am crazy about this fabulous end table with Greek key detail.}
Fall 2010 393
{A Pretty Table Setting and Chandelier in front of Gorgeous, Hand-Painted Wallpaper by Farrow and Ball.}
Fall 2010 394
{I love the simple lines of this furniture. It would be great in an outdoor area.}
Fall 2010 396
{Another Beautiful Vignette}
Fall 2010 399
{More Mercury Glass Lamps – Love!}
Fall 2010 402
{A Fabulous Assortment of Farrow and Ball}
Fall 2010 405
{A Nod to the 1950s via a Wheat Sheaf Table and Cute Poodle Lamp}
Fall 2010 406
{Yet another lamp I was dying over! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a total lamp tramp!}
Fall 2010 414
{I wish I’d gotten a better picture of their gorgeous cash wrap /check-out counter. You can see it up close in the previous picture. It features carrera marble and antiqued mirrors. I doubt there is a prettier one in existence.}
Fall 2010 409
{So, the gorgeous Hague Blue octagonal partition from the beginning of this post separates the retail part of the space from the offices in the back. Boxwood also provides interior design services.}

Thank you, Mimi and Jenna for being such gracious hostesses and treating us like old friends during our visit!

{All Images by Paloma Contreras – Please Do Not Use Without Consent}


ashlina {the decorista} said...

amazingly gorgeous!!!!

Unknown said...

That partition is AMAZING! It reminds me of DG Padgett wallpaper, which is one of all time favourites. Would love to visit this place- so many stunning things!

Behind the Lashes said...

Absolutely stunning store. I would probably spend hours in there for sure.
xoxo Heather

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

The new Boxwood space looks amazing! I stopped by on Friday and was totally impressed by the overhaul -- it's so fresh and that blue partition is to-die-for.
Loved the mix of sparkle with a touch of whimsy...gorgeous.

Meg said...

I'm so obsessed w/ the new boxwood! Brett, Mimi and Jenna are the sweetest people ever, and they have done such a great job, that partition is so yummy I couldnt' stop staring/touching it! Their launch party was divine, boiled shrimp served out of those huge clam shells! Super fun! :) Can't wait to see your shoot using some of their stuff! :)

Marie said...

This store looks amazing! I´m sure I would have gone bananas in here, spending way to much money... Too bad I live in Norway, or maybe not for my wallet ;)
xoxo Marie

Jordin- I Love That! said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous!!

Viera said...

Fantastic store.

Sharon Brown said...

Lovely store! Thanks for sharing. You are very lucky to have such a nice resource in your city.

swheat said...

Hi Paloma. My art that is similar is by Chris Lesiker. I'm not sure if the pieces at Boxwoods are by the same artist. They sure are pretty though! Along with the rest of the store!!

Averill said...

I haven't been to Boxwood Interiors since the redo, but I absolutely must go soon -- it's fantastic!! And that partition is to die for. I want one for myself (not sure where I'd put one, but I'm sure I want it). :)

quintessence said...

OMG - what a beautiful store!!! You had me at the spectacular front door - the color AND the texture! Love almost everything! Thanks for sharing.

LiveLikeYou said...

If there only were stores like that in DC...!!

Jacqueline Corea said...

Wow! If I had a store I would want it to be just like this one! I can see why it is a favorite of yours. Not only is the product beautiful and masterfully displayed, the space is wonderful too. Love that turquoise partition and blue door! Thanks for sharing this.

Anita said...

Wow, this store is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just moved to Houston, and can't wait to visit Boxwood! Please list some of your other favorite places. PS. I have just discovered your blog and have enjoyed seeing and learning more about good design from you. Love what you do.


Peggy and Fritz said...

how fun. love the name. you got me at boxwood. everything is fabulous, i'm afraid I wouldn't leave.

Anonymous said...

Lamp Tramp - LOVE IT!!!

Carpe Diem said...

This is Disneyland for the hyper woman...Home Depot for the serious female shopper...

Yummy galore. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer S. said...

thanks for sharing that store looks great!!! I will have to make time to stop by while I am in town for the weekend..


KSK said...

Oh dear...I really shouldn't be allowed to go there on my next trip to H-town. It looks AMAZING! Love that lamp you picked for me :)