Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do Tell: What is your favorite way to accessorize?

I love getting to know you all and have been thinking it would be fun to have some super-interactive posts, so each week I will pose one question and I hope that you’ll share your personal answers. This week’s question: What is your favorite way to accessorize?

do tell2

living room lesueur interiors

{Are you partial to pillows and rugs? Mirrors, books and flowers? Objets d’art from far off lands? Do tell!}

do tell


{How about fashion accessories? Do you love a great shoe? Do you fancy a fabulous bag? Are you smitten with statement jewelry? Do tell! What are your favorite accessories?}


{Image Sources: LeSueur Interiors and Patterson Maker}


The Purse-a-holic said...

In my closet:

I live for that fab bag :-) (Purse-a-Holic). I also live for that awesome pair of stilettos and I am always looking for more.

In my home:

Pillows and throws, cannot have enough pillows (well until you cannot sit on the couch/chair).

Luciane at said...

Hello Paloma!

How are you doing today?

A house without accessories feels cold and naked. A girl without accessories feels "unfinished". Both need some attention. It's like you're saying, "Hey.. I care."

Home: pillows, art, lamp, throws, rugs...

Me: jewelry, purse. Nothing too much... nobody should look like a "Christmas tree". Agree? ;-)


Luciane at

Julie said...

I've been moving around a lot the last few years and since I can't take a lot of my decor with me - I use black and white travel photos in IKEA frames to brighten up new digs.

And for fashion, I love a great statement watch!

Alex said...

I love to accessorize in my home with artwork and collections of things (books, nail polish, perfume). As far as dressing, I love a statement necklace!


The Sequined Lobster said...

Fun question!
I find myself buying mirrors and chairs a lot! My husband teases me because I am constantly buying chairs and then selling them to buy more!
As far as fashion...I have always spiced my outfits up with a bold, bright, funky shoe! Whether a fabulous bright color...or an animal print...I find that a really bold, crazy heel goes with almost anything!
What about you?

Christina said...

Really love your blog!

Favorites at home: armchairs
In my wardrobe: bags

Sketch42 said...

In terms of jewelry and fashion accessories, I am definitely a minimalist. Its like one piece of jewelry at a time. But I always go for the great boot or bag. My clothes are pretty much all monochromatic(re: black) and my accessories are all brown leather.

For my house, I am fiendish. Buying (and making) everything in sight. I have to restrain myself and put things in the closet because I have way too much stuff.

Unknown said...

at home: I have mostly black and white decor so I choose accessories in white. I just love finding a quirky all white object to add to my "collection" I recently found a large 7 ft. knight at garden ridge and spray painted him white and put him in the entryway! What an accessory!
here is a link to a post with a picture of him holding a christmas wreath

my wardrobe: I have a passion for kate spade new york so most of my accessories consist of ks statement necklaces, colorful ks bags and cute shoes.

Fun interactive post!!!!


Kristin Yac said...

Shoes shoes and more shoes! A great shoe can make or break any outfit...

Also loving statement rings at the moment

At home, love black and white photos and bold pieces like a pop color chair

Squeak said...

I love to accessorize my home with things from nature: seashells, coral, minerals, antlers, feathers, pinecones, nests, etc. I love to mix them with French furniture, books, paintings and sculpture.

I'd much rather spend money on my home than on myself, so I don't accessorize. I don't have any jewelry or purses. I have one pair of shoes, one pair of boots and a tote bag that I can use as a briefcase or purse. As long as I arrive at work fully dressed, I'm happy!

Victoria | vmac+cheese said...

In the home, I like a mix of collected items that are sentimental or have a story. Then I get them organized with trays or little plates. It's all about how something is displayed!

For fashion, I like one statement piece of jewelry, be it a chunky necklace or bracelet. And if it sparkles, even better!

keely @ luxe + lillies said...

GREAT question! Its been fun to read all the answers!

At home: Candle, trays, books, flowers
Wardrobe: Nailpolish [talking about it in my post today,] and my favorite pieces of jewelry, all of which are sentimental!

Moosette said...

In my house it is definitely mirrors... I have a serious problem!

In my wardrobe, I love to accessorize with shoes, light weight scarfs and gold jewelry!

Anonymous said...

For the home: Personal photographs in beautiful small frames. I'm always searching for interesting frames that might be the finishing touch I need on a dresser or in my bookcase. I usually find great ones on sale at West Elm or Homegoods. I like to display special photographs that take me back to a memory that makes me smile.

For my wardrobe: I'm currently obsessed with Cardigans! You can put on some jeans and a t-shirt and when you add a cardigan it instantly makes you look polished!
Other accessories I tend to use often are scarves and sunglasses. Oh...and a fresh manicure will always make you look and feel put together!

Mandy said...

So fun! I love accessorizing!

Favorite Home Accessory: Vases. I have far too many.

Favorite Fashion Accessory: Costume Jewelry. Many are hand me downs from my grandma.

Love your blog and this new feature :)


Unknown said...

In my home, I have elements of the sea everywhere! Dyed sea fans, gorgeous shells and coral in every space. I love pillows just as much and love that I can switch them out for changes in color or my mood!

In my wardrobe, I too am a handbag girl and love, love love jewelry and wear it even to the grocery store!!


Kristy @ I Design Love said...

The way I add accessories in my home is through colorful throw pillows and art work. These small changes can completely change your home. As for fashion, a great statement necklace or handbag is the perfect way to add some glamour!


Sherri said...

I'm a flight attendant and love to travel so I like to buy home accessories when I visit new destinations. I also put pictures from my travels on canvas. I love to buy art work from local artist.

I like big bold necklaces. I traveled to Tibet a few years ago and bought beautiful turquoise and coral necklaces. It always makes for fun conversation.

Lissa Pierce said...

Great Idea Paloma...I love reading other's answers!

Clothes: When it comes to jewlery I am a minimalist...only pretty much wear my wedding ring and maybe some pearl studs. Then when we go out I love to add a statement necklace...the bigger the better! I don't accessorize much outside of that...except maybe an awesome bag!

Home: Right now my home accessories are a jumbled mess. I have too much going on...and way too many vases. I'd like to pare them down and only have a few key statement pieces that add to the room.

Unknown said...

In my home:
- fresh flowers (ideally peonies or tulips)
- paintings by my sister
- throw pillows from Jonathan Adler

In my wardrobe:
- cocktail rings
- enamel bangles from J.Crew and Kate Spade
- HIGH high heels

Very cool post!

Lauren said...

@ my apartment (as a student on a budget) I love to go to consignment shops, homegoods, or anthropologie and find little accent pieces like signs, frames, and trunks to put my magazines in. One of my favorite ideas was replacing the knobs on a deck I got at homegoods with different flower knobs from anthro. to make it girly. : )

For fashion: I play around with my jewelry from a long gold necklace, to my tiffanys, or a white watch. I also change up my nail polish color once a week.

alison giese Interiors said...

at Casa G my faves are:
Art (great opportunities to buy originals down here in Brazil)

but, my old favorite standby: mirrors

As for myself - A great handbag won't let on you're having a fat day.

EFT for Cancer said...

I love her shoes! The color is great!

Bekah said...

In my home, I use leopard print as a neutral accessory since the main colors are bright. I love a sinuous sculpture or piece of abstract art to tie things together.

In my wardrobe, a chunky watch is a total must! I also use belts and brooches to accessorize my outfits.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I love bold necklaces and bracelets, lots of bracelets. And most of the times I will find an excuse to add a waist belt ;)

My Little Bungalow said...

In the home I like to accessorize with vintage art pottery. For fashion, I lean toward simple and modern handcrafted jewelry.

Carpe Diem said...

In the home: mirrored furniture, Venetian mirror, lush drapes, ikat and geometric pillows, Buddha head/statue...kept simple and not crowded.

Wardrobe: silk, cotton, or cashmere scarf; diamond earrings, stylish ballet flats or sandals; chunky ring.

mackenziepage said...

In my home: Two words, MERCURY GLASS. It could be a vase, an object or votives. Love them all. They cover my house.

On my person: Fun Shoes. Flats or heels. Anything that can punch up a simple, chic outfit!

Awesome post idea!!


Peace Love & All Things Creative said...

I love accessoring a space with accent pieces like candles, pictures, paintings, flowers, etc.
In my wardrobe, the number one thing I cannot go out of the house with are earrings! I have a zillion. I think they totally make an outfit. I usually always wear the same necklace but always always change up my earrings:)

Anonymous said...

HOME: Pillows are the quickest way to change accents & pay homage to the latest trend colors (Pink now!). Also seasonal greenery & bouquets in various containers/vases.

A scarf tied around a lampshade or two for special occasions can add a French or bohemian touch depending on fabric pattern & type.

Fireplace mantel accessories are easy to change out and I do that about once a quarter depending on my whim and what I've happened to find at flea markets. Right now, I'm into antique birdcages!

Wardrobe: Scarves, belts and rings that are vintage. My purse is my briefcase so changing that daily isn't appealing.

InStudio Blog said...

Home: groupings of art with similar theme (e.g. landscapes, people), and souvenirs from traveling.

Wardrobe: killer shoes, big bracelets, big necklaces and jackets. Love me some jackets.

Fay said...

hi It all depends on the function which you are attending and also the use of the particular room I think .so in short the accessories should be appropriate for the occasion Fay

Christine Schwalm Design said...

For home, I would have to say trays. They're inexpensive and easy to change out while I can justify buying them because they're so darn useful.

For me, probably scarves or chunky necklaces. I went through an earring phase, but I think I've moved on to necklaces.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to accessorizing my home, I love nothing more than a bit of shine and sparkle. Mercury Glass is one of my favorite finishes and adds just the right amount of shine and glam to any room.
My favorite wardrobe accessory is a pair of bold earrings. I love mixing a colorful pair of earrings with a solid color outfit. So FAB!

Anonymous said...

I am a long time bag and shoe girl and as of late have added a statement necklace to my repertoire.
In my home it's pillows, books, flowers and candles.
Loving "Do Tell"!

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

Home: vintage furniture
Closet: stripes and lots of it right now

Fun series!
Have an awesome weekend! Danielle