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Friday, June 6, 2014

Fabulous Room Friday 06.06.14

kelie grosso hb

I have loved this beautiful dining room by Seattle designer, Kelie Grosso of Maison Luxe since I first saw it in House Beautiful a couple of years ago. There are so many lovely details from the scenic “View of India”, framed panels by de Gournay  to the sumptuous turquoise Louis XVI-style dining chairs, paired with an elegant ebony dining table by Oly and a crystal chandelier. The relaxed drapery panels with grosgrain trim and ivory cowhide provide a relaxed juxtaposition to the more formal elements in the room resulting in a chic, vibrant space that is certain to be enjoyed by all who set foot in it. What is your favorite element in this room? I am torn between the gorgeous de Gournay panels and the turquoise chairs.

As I mentioned in this week’s “Currently Obsessed” post, Monday is a big day here at La Dolce Vita! We will be unveiling a completely new look for the blog and will be moving to WordPress. You can still access LDV via the current address and I will be posting reminders to reroute your path over to for a few weeks, but eventually the paloma81 address will no longer be active and you will be taken directly to the new site. I am nervous about transferring nearly SEVEN years of posts, but my team assures me that I am in good hands and that everything will be fine. If you read LDV through a browser or subscription service, please, please, please click through on Monday and update your subscription once the blog’s new URL is live. Be sure to tune in next week for the big reveal and a few other exciting surprises! Have a wonderful weekend!



Amanda said...

yay! you'll love WP. I switched last year and so glad I did. I only had 4 years of post but I was still a nervous wreck when they started the transfer, but it was a smooth transition. Cant wait to see the new look!!

Karena said...

Paloma I adore this dining room, it has everything going for it in my opinion!! Gorgeous!

The Arts by Karena

Lily L-M said...

"Sumptuous" is the perfect word for those chairs -- and this whole space! Exquisite! Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!

x Lily

Laurel said...

Hi Paloma! This is one of my fave dining rooms too! I've already posted it twice and probably will again because it is a perfect room! And those are the colors I seem to have lived with for the last 18 years. I never tire of that combo.

About your new website though. First of all congratulations and welcome to WP! You're gonna love it! I have changed my url once and also got rid of an old website. Your followers no matter what should not have to do a thing. The 301 directs that your webbies have put into place will take care of all of that,[as soon as they turn on the switch] so even if someone puts in or their program puts in the old addie, it should get redirected to the new one. I was a bit freaked out about it too, because the old website, was from 2002! Talk about your dinosaurs! But everything worked out just fine! I'm 99.9% sure about all of that, but since I'm only a wannabee geek, maybe check with your peeps. xo, Laurel