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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Currently Obsessed: June 2014

I have been bad lately and haven’t posted one of these “Currently Obsessed” posts in a few months. I apologize as I know a lot of you enjoy them. As a creature of habit, I can sometimes get wrapped up in the same things and didn’t feel like my obsessions varied too much in the past few months, but now that summer is here, I am seeing things through a fresh set of eyes and have all kinds of fun new things to obsess about and share with you. One very exciting thing I am currently obsessed with is the impending redesign and re-launch of La Dolce Vita which will take place next Monday, June 9th! We will have a chic new look and are switching over to WordPress, which I am a little nervous about. For those of you who read LDV through a browser or email subscription, I will be sure to post reminders for a few weeks to ask you to please update your feeds and switch over to the new site on In the meantime, here is what I can’t get enough of lately!


TV Show: It just started on Monday, but I am already loving Bravo’s Ladies of London. It’s like the Real Housewives, but in a better setting and with stylish, more cultured people including British aristocrats and some American women who strive to be completely accepted into British society. Did anyone else watch the premier? Thoughts?

Song: I have been listening to the Haim album non-stop in my car. I love every last song, but can’t get enough of “FallIng”!

Instagrammer: I visited Violet Grey’s chic retail space on Melrose Place when I was in L.A. last month and have been following them on Instagram ever since. I love their affinity for all things vintage and fabulous.


Pinterest User: Speaking of chic, everything Spanish blogger, Ms. de Winter pins is super chic. She has such a great eye and beautiful, timeless taste.

chic mrs de la winter

Fashion Muse: Hmm, one particular person does not come to mind right now, but I’ll tell you who it is NOT—Rihanna. Did anyone else think her look at the CFDAs this week was completely vulgar and unoriginal or am I just a prude? She left nothing to the imagination and looked like a Vegas showgirl. You know who did get it right this week? Julianne Moore in a navy Rosie Assoulin jumpsuit and Lupita Nyongo in Alexander McQueen at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. They look elegant, timeless, and effortless.


Inspiring Designer: I have been obsessing over everything the great Albert Hadley ever did. He got it right every single time. His work is enduring and transcends place and time.

albert hadley

Color: I love the beautiful coral hue of the peonies I have been enjoying for the past several weeks. They don’t last that long, but the peony season is so short that I keep buying them like some sort of fiend. They have sort of taken over my Instagram feed! Coral Peonies via La Dolce Vita | Paloma Contreras Instagram

Drink du Jour: Ice cold water during the day and a nice glass of Rose after hours. My favorite right now is Pigmentum’s Malbec Rose. If you are typically a red wine drinker, you’ll love this as it is slightly less fruity than most Roses. I find that it is really well-balanced. It’s great for a bottle under $15!


Excitement: This week, I received some amazing news that one of my design projects will be featured in one of my favorite national magazines! It is a thrilling moment for Paloma Contreras Design! I am also very excited to unveil LDV’s new look next week.

Paloma Contreras Design | Vibirnum | Barnacle Cluster | Greek Key | Leopard

Guilty Pleasure: I am a sucker for ice cream. My husband and I just discovered this out of this world flavor. So good!

BB-sea-salt-caramel1m Accessory: I am loving my Christen Maxwell tote that I had custom-monogrammed at my favorite Houston store, A Bientot. It is such a versatile bag, but feels so special because of the unique and beautiful monogram.


Trips Being Planned: Unfortunately, there are no real vacations on the horizon. Luckily for me, I love my work so much that work trips are still fun and full of inspiration. I’ll be back in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks and then it’s Minneapolis and Las Vegas next month. I will definitely be visiting Melrose Place again once I am back in LA. I took the photo below on my trip there last month. So chic!

Melrose Place Los Angeles via La Dolce Vita

What are you currently obsessed with? I would love to know what you can’t get enough of right now!



Lily L-M said...

This is such an awesome collection of stuff! I hadn't heard of Ladies of London but it looks right up my alley -- as for Blue Bell Ice Cream, that stuff is heaven!

x Lily

Arianna Belle said...

Lol I keep buying peonies every week too knowing well that before we realize it they'll be out of season! Big congrats on the magazine feature and the site redesign! Can't wait to see it! xx

Karena said...

Paloma I can see we are loving a lot of the same fab things lately!! Beauty abound! Cannot wait to see your new look as I am thinking of going to WordPress as well.

The Arts by Karena

Jill said...

I love the monogrammed bag, who created the monogram?? xo - Jill W

Kristina said...

I am all in on Ladies of London, the whole society thing is so fascinating to me!

Kristina does the Internets

Unknown said...

Hi Jill,

A Bientôt in Houston has the most incredible selection of unique monograms unlike anything I've seen before. This particular one was our spin on an old monogram from the early 1900s.

Thanks for reading LDV!


Beeta @ Mon Petit Four said...

I'm loving Ladies of London too, and I don't even care for the original Housewives series, so I was surprised I liked it!

I didn't know about the spanish instagrammer you mentioned, but from the photo I'm loving her style so I will definitely follow her.

And salted caramel is one of my favorite ice cream flavors! Try McConnell's or the Talenti versions too if you get a chance!

Unknown said...

Cannot wait to see the new site....and big congrats on the magazine feature!! Love to see you becoming a big success ;)

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I watched Ladies of London and found it intriguing. I do have to laugh because Londoners are the most raunchy, loud and hysterically funny people I've ever met. If you like that ice cream you've got to try Sea Salt Caramel gelato by Haagen Daaz. It's amazing!